Foods rich in complex carbohydrates are those rich in slowly absorbed carbohydrates, which are slowly absorbed by the body and provide a feeling of satiety.

For this reason, it is most advisable to maintain a balanced diet rich in foods with slowly absorbed carbohydrates, since in addition to providing satiety, they keep blood glucose levels constant and prevent the appearance of overweight or obesity, thanks precisely they help reduce appetite.

Although it is something that we will see in more detail in the following lines, the truth is that following a balanced diet, based above all on this type of food is really simple. In fact, it is necessary to bear in mind that there are equally healthy foods that are rich in fast-absorbing carbohydrates, as is the case with fruits. And this does not mean that, in themselves, they are bad for your health.

Taking into account that approximately 60% of the calories we consume daily must come from carbohydrates (30% from fats and 10% from proteins), it is advisable not only to know what carbohydrates are, but also what carbohydrates are. Different types of carbohydrates that our daily diet provides us.

In this sense, although it is true that simple carbohydrates are less advisable since they are rapidly digested and absorbed by our body and blood glucose levels increase rapidly, complex carbohydrates are suitable at all times.

In fact, an increasing number of nutritionists agree that our daily diet should be based above all on the consumption of foods rich in slow-absorbing carbohydrates, since in addition to providing satiety and reducing our appetite, they are digested slowly and they keep blood glucose levels constant.

What are complex carbohydrates?

The complex carbohydrates (also known as carbohydrates slow absorption) mainly consist of more complex molecules, to be digested by the stomach and intestine before being absorbed as simple sugars.

For this reason they are digested much more slowly, which in turn provides a greater feeling of satiety, helping to reduce appetite and keep blood sugar levels constant.

Foods rich in complex carbohydrates

  • Whole grains.
  • Integral rice.
  • Legumes: like chickpeas.
  • Vegetables.
  • Fruits: such as strawberries, cherries or red fruits.
  • Wholemeal bread.

As you might imagine, the rate of absorption of these foods will depend on their fat or fiber content. It is important to note that the more refined, the higher the glycemic index they will have.

In this sense, if you want to increase the consumption of complex carbohydrates, it could also be useful to know what the foods with a low glycemic index are.


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