Do you know the benefits of hug therapy? You need a hug? Discover the qualities of a gesture of affection and affection par excellence, very beneficial for your health.

There are times when our own body asks us to give or receive a hug, probably because in some way it is aware of the importance and the tremendous power that this simple and simple act exerts on our physical and mental health, and especially on our own. Individual well-being.

Many experts say that we need between 4 and 12 hugs a day. In this sense, some time ago the different benefits and power of hugs, demonstrating something very important: they greatly improve health, directly influencing people’s well-being.

And there is no doubt that when we find ourselves sad, angry, nervous or tense, a hug is always the best solution. For this reason, Kleenex®, the brand of reference handkerchiefs, has joined this wonderful initiative in order to promote hug therapy, because hugs are also healing, gentle and very stimulating. Why? Very simple: when we are hugged, our body reacts by activating oxytocin, a hormone thanks to which we experience a pleasant sensation of well-being, fullness and harmony.

You probably remember that back in 2004 a movement called “Free Hugs” began, and that it consisted of encouraging embraces between people from all over the world even though they did not know each other.

But its qualities do not end there, since as an investigation has shown, hug therapy protects us from colds. The researchers came to this conclusion after analyzing 404 people with the common cold, finding that increasing the frequency of hugging could become an effective means of reducing the symptoms of minor illnesses.

Therefore, taking advantage of the arrival of autumn and especially the cold, the perfect complement for those much-needed hugs and thus get closer to those we love the most in a very special way: it encourages us to have a gesture of affection with our family and friends, either with an unexpected hug, a cake or a sweet made with a lot of love and that makes us happy in the afternoon or simply with a surprise note written on a handkerchief, and then share it on their RRSS.

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