We can all have low self-esteem at some point. For those situations, there are some tips that will help you increase it easily and simply. Find out which ones.

Self- esteem is understood as the experience of being competent to face the basic challenges that life shows us, ultimately becoming the generally positive assessment that we have of ourselves.

Although the usual thing is that we generally have high self-esteem, the truth is that depending on both our own personality and our own experience throughout life (that is, everything that has happened to us and that has definitely influenced the formation of our personality), it is likely that what we feel is low self-esteem.

Let’s say that self-esteem is based mainly on the self-concept that we have of ourselves, which derives from the – subjective – comparison that we make of our own person in front of others.

For this self-concept to form, even if unconsciously, we mainly take into account what others tell us about us (and we think they think), as well as the different behaviors that they direct towards us.

How does having low self-esteem affect us?

Having low self-esteem means that in addition to the fact that the person does not fully trust himself, this feeling can influence the way in which his personal successes or failures are valued.

The person with low self-esteem is usually an insecure person who mistrusts their faculties, their abilities and above all their own worth.

Therefore, knowing how to increase self-esteem becomes essential to improve not only our own self-concept, but our own life, since having a high self-esteem will be useful to feel happier with ourselves, accept ourselves as we are and love ourselves more.

How to increase self-esteem?

Don’t have negative thoughts about yourself

Trust and believe more in yourself. In case you have a negative thought, try to think about your strengths, and put aside those thoughts about your weaknesses.

Avoid comparing yourself to others

One of the causes of low self-esteem is because we compare ourselves like others. The key is to focus on what you want and to strive for it, never looking at what others get.

Do not feel that you have failed if you do not meet your goals

It is better to focus on the process and avoid focusing solely on the goal. In this way you will never be able to learn, especially if in the end you do not achieve your goal.

Enjoy the moment

It is essential to live in the present and enjoy only what happens to you now. In this way you will avoid stressing about what is to come.

Express what you think at all times

Remember that if you don’t act like you really are, in the end you will only lower your self-esteem.

What does our self-concept derive from?

Self-concept derives from the subjective comparison that we make of our own person in front of others, taking into account what they tell us, and of the different behaviors that they direct towards us.

Our personal successes and failures also influence our way of valuing ourselves, something that helps us to form the concept we have of ourselves.

Thus, in this way, when a person has low self-esteem, they are usually insecure, they distrust their own faculties, their own abilities, and do not want or want to make decisions for fear of being wrong.

You need the approval of others by having many complexes, having a distorted image of themselves, both about their personal worth or character and their physical traits.

All this leads them to feel inferior, and they are shy when it comes to relating to others, which makes it difficult for them to make new friends, and they will always be more than pending on the opinions of others, what they will say or what they will think about it.


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