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Do you have dry hair? Discover 3 natural remedies

If you have dry hair, a good way to repair it is by opting for natural remedies that help hydrate and nourish it. We propose the 3 most useful. A dry hair is hair that looks rough, lusterless, off, is brittle, easily part. When sebum production is insufficient, the scalp dries out and there is an absence of the hydrolipidic layer. This layer is a...

Best creams with aloe vera

After a long day in the sun (using, of course, the proper sun protection), there is nothing better than refreshing your skin with a little aloe vera, a plant known to many for its interesting natural healing properties, which, it is true, they work practically at any time of the year. Not in vain, some of the best aloe vera creams not only help...

Avocado Oil: Benefits for Skin, Hair and How to Use It

Avocado oil is a wonderful natural vegetable oil with incredible properties for health, skin and hair. Find out how to use it easily. If there is a fruit full of benefits and properties that we can enjoy practically all year round, and whose content of healthy fatty acids makes it a delicious natural food that is ideal against high levels of...

How to take care of the eye contour

Although it is true that you probably do not want it to be this way, the reality is that the skin around the eyes is usually a part of the body that tends to show the first signs of premature aging, especially if we do not try to take care of the eye contour. daily. And why does this happen? What are the...

How to treat eye bags naturally

Discover how to treat and eliminate bags under the eyes in a totally natural and simple way, with tea bags, ice cubes and cucumber slices. Who does not have bags under the eyes? The truth is that they can appear from one day to the next, for example after having rested badly and when we get up the next day. Or they can...