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How often should you wash your hair

How many days should hair be washed? It is usually a common doubt in many people, so knowing what dermatologists and cosmetologists think will help you discover it. There is no doubt that washing your hair is, in its essence, one of the most common and habitual practices when it comes to maintaining your health, especially in women. It is especially...

Best anti-blemish creams

As the years go by, it is certainly difficult to prevent some common signs of aging from beginning to appear. An example is found in spots, commonly known as age spots, and which are usually especially related to sun exposure, whose damage tends to accumulate over the decades.   These dark spots form when some areas of the skin produce an increased amount of...

How to prepare the skin for shaving

Knowing how to prepare the skin before shaving is essential when preparing the facial skin so that shaving does not become such a traumatic action. We explain some useful tips. Although shaving is something that many men do every day, and has become a daily practice for many years, did you know that it is a very traumatic action for...

How to heal and care for the skin after a tattoo

If you have gotten a tattoo, discover some useful tips to take care of the skin and improve healing, suitable to accelerate healing and for the tattoo to heal well. Tattoos have become very fashionable in recent years, to the point of becoming an authentic art, without a doubt far from those tattoos that were usually done in the eighties...

Best toners for oily skin

The tonics become an excellent option when completing any routine skin care, because it helps cleanse the skin thoroughly (without replacing the cleaner or cleansing milk itself, which should always be applied above), provides a series of extremely interesting basic benefits and, in addition, tends to prepare the skin so that it can better receive the rest of the...

How to make a natural depilatory cream

Do you know that it is possible to learn how to prepare your own depilatory cream? We offer you a wonderful beauty recipe, ideal for making a cream to remove your hair naturally. Today there are many hair removal methods that can be useful when it comes to getting rid of annoying hair on different parts of the body. From cold...

2 beauty recipes with chamomile

Do you know the benefits of chamomile for beauty? We propose 2 wonderful beauty recipes in which we will use this excellent plant with incredible properties for skin and hair. Did you know that chamomile is ideal for the skin? The truth is that we are dealing with a medicinal plant with incredible benefits for both skin and hair, although it is...

How to make a nourishing and natural hair serum

Discover how to nourish your hair naturally with this serum made with one hundred percent natural ingredients, and with nourishing properties for your hair. Today we will teach you, through these lines, how to make your own serum to care for and nourish your hair. We will also tell you what its advantages are over creams and other beauty products. To begin...

Honey, oatmeal and lemon juice to soften the skin

With honey, oat flakes and lemon juice we can make a face mask with incredible benefits to soften the skin and take care of it naturally. Find out how. As far as skin care is concerned, it is true that at home we can prepare a whole set of remedies and recipes in whose preparation we only use one hundred percent...

Atopic skin in babies: symptoms, causes and treatment

The baby's skin is characterized by being tremendously smooth, soft and silky. But suddenly one day it starts to get dry, scaly and reddish. This is what usually happens when atopic dermatitis arises, a tremendously uncomfortable skin problem for the little one, since it tends to cause a lot of itching. It can also be known medically under the...


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