Yogurt mask recipe for dry hair, a natural homemade recipe ideal for dry or very dry hair. Learn about its ingredients and the steps to make it.

There is no doubt that yogurt is a delicious and tremendously nutritious food. It is delicious due to its smooth texture and slightly acidic flavor (especially when it is not sweetened with any sweetener, whether natural or not), and interesting from a nutritional point of view due to its wide diversity of essential nutrients for proper functioning -and health-. of our organism.

For example, yogurt stands out for its high content of vitamins (especially vitamin D, A and group B), as well as minerals such as calcium, potassium and magnesium. And when it comes to its most important qualities or benefits, we find that it is an ideal food for our digestive system, not only because it helps in the digestion process, but also because it reinforces our intestinal health and our bacterial flora. thanks to its richness in healthy bacteria.

For this reason, yogurt is an ideal food in case of constipation or digestive problems, among which we can mention the following: gastritis, diarrhea, gastroenteritis… And it is also ideal to prevent diarrhea due to the consumption of antibiotics.

But did you know that it also provides incredible benefits for the health of our skin and our hair? In the case of the skin, an excellent natural option to enjoy the properties that this healthy food provides: it helps to hydrate it, giving it luminosity and softness, as well as being useful for nourishing it and is ideal for removing dead cells accumulated on the skin of the face.

In this sense, yogurt masks are not only beneficial masks for skin care (such as to maintain good skin health). They are also really suitable options for dry hair. This is the case of the yogurt mask for dry hair whose preparation we are talking about today, made from two natural yogurts without sugar and an egg.

This is due to the different benefits that yogurt brings us when it comes to enjoying authentic natural beauty, thus becoming a food that is not only beneficial from a nutritional point of view, but also from a more natural beauty point of view.

What is dry hair and what are the causes of its appearance?

Dry hair is hair that does not have enough oil and moisture to maintain its normal shine and texture. That is, it lacks the necessary moisture to maintain its proper appearance, texture and health.

Among the causes that can cause the appearance of dry hair we can mention: anorexia nervosa, malnutrition, hypoparathyroidism (underactive parathyroid) and hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid).

However, there are more common causes that are not related to health conditions or problems, such as dry air, excessive use of dryers and excessive washing or the use of soaps that are too strong and not respectful of the pH of the skin.

How to make an ideal yogurt mask for dry hair?

This mask is ideal for when you have dry hair. In summer we expose the hair to different aggressions such as the sun’s rays, sea or pool water, which makes it dry more easily. With a mask that you apply to your hair once a week, you will notice how your hair stays soft, hydrated and shiny.


  • 2 natural yogurts without sugar
  • 1 egg


For this mask we will need: two natural yogurts without sugar, an egg and we will beat everything together.

We wash our hair with the shampoo we normally use, rinse well and dry the hair with a towel. Then we apply the yogurt mask as if it were a dye, with a brush and separating strand by strand.

Once all the hair is covered, massage and leave for about 20 minutes. After this time, rinse the hair with plenty of warm water. Repeat this mask once a week and you will notice how your hair improves, recovering its shine and softness.


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