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How to make a good hot chocolate to accompany the Roscón de Reyes

Hot chocolate recipe ideal to taste or accompany the popular Roscón de Reyes at Christmas, either for the night of January 5 or for Three Kings Day. Delicious!

Once the Roscón de Reyes is prepared, we only need to prepare a good hot chocolate to taste it together with the Roscón.

It is so important that the Roscón is delicious, as that the chocolate is also exquisite, that is why on this occasion we present how to make a homemade chocolate, delicate on the palate with which to surprise the family on that day as magical as the day of Kings.

As you well know, preparing the chocolate is very easy, but to get a good chocolate we also have to choose some good ingredients so that our chocolate has a good flavor and be attentive while we cook it so that it does not go down to the bottom of the cauldron and we find it Burned.

With the ingredients that we provide in this recipe we will get the amount of chocolate for about 6 people, if we need more quantity we double or adjust the amounts according to the people.

We have prepared this cup chocolate recipe with whole milk. If we would like to make this dessert a little lighter, we can substitute the whole milk for skimmed milk.


  • A bag of cocoa powder for cooking to the cup of 250 grams.
  • One and a half liters of whole milk.
  • A whole bar of special chocolate for dessert.
  • A little bit of ginger powder, (half a teaspoon of the coffee ones)
  • A few drops of natural vanilla extract, (a teaspoon of coffee).
  • A pinch of cardamom, (a pinch with the fingers).
  • Sugar 8 tablespoons.


We start by heating the milk together with the following ingredients; Ginger, cardamom, vanilla and sugar, stir well so that the milk is flavored.

While we prepare a separate saucepan to melt the chocolate tablet, which we will melt over low heat and stirring until it is well melted. Once it is well melted, remove it from the heat.

We can also do this melting process in the microwave, giving it a short heat time and being careful not to burn the chocolate, we will only give a heat shock.

When the milk is hot, add the cocoa powder and stir to dilute it well, continue cooking over low heat and add the melted chocolate, stir so that it integrates well with the cocoa powder.

We bring to the boil and from this moment and until the chocolate reaches the thickness that we want, we will not stop stirring to prevent it from sinking to the bottom and becoming stuck or burned. Once the chocolate reaches the desired point, we will remove it from the heat. We already have our exquisite hot chocolate ready.

Now all that remains is to take it to the table and taste our chocolate accompanied by a good piece of Roscón de Reyes.


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