Propolis or propolis is ideal for colds and flu, acting as an authentic natural remedy. Discover its most important anticatarrhal properties.

The propolis (also known by the name of propolis) is characterized as a waxy resin with a characteristic consistency of viscous appearance and certainly complex composition.

It is made by bees, which use resinous particles from different plants that they finally use for the construction, repair and protection of the hive. Hence its name: from the Pro group (before) – polis (city); or what is the same, “protector of the city.”

The truth is that it is one of the most commonly used home remedies during both the autumn and winter seasons, especially not only because it helps to increase the defenses naturally, but because it becomes an excellent remedy in case of flu or cold.

Benefits of propolis for flu, colds and colds

When the coldest time of year approaches, it is always advisable to have a good pot of propolis or propolis in the pantry. Why? Because since ancient times it has become a natural remedy that is certainly effective in the prevention and treatment of flu, colds and colds.

Taking into account that when we get sick with some of these diseases, it is advisable to go to the doctor, but above all not to self-medicate, since if we take medical antibiotics without control it can cause a natural resistance in our body to bacteria in subsequent treatments.

  • Antiviral benefits: among other aspects we find propolis with polyphenolic components such as art pilin C, cinnamon acid and phenethyl ester of caffeic acid. In turn, they provide an antioxidant activity, stimulating the immune system.
  • Helps to strengthen the immune system: thanks to its content in certain components that help stimulate the immune system.
  • Natural antibiotic: helps prevent infections of the respiratory system, while strengthening the immune system. All this without causing that natural resistance of our organism to future infections, as it happens with medical / chemical antibiotics.


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