Discover the benefits of noni, a delicious tropical fruit in terms of its properties and nutritional qualities, but with a bitter taste and not a very pleasant smell.

Who wouldn’t be able to enjoy the wonderful taste of a tropical fruit? Both its flavor and its appearance are in a certain sense different –and very characteristic, especially if we compare them with the fruit that is definitely not of tropical origin. This is the case, for example, of such delicious fruits as kiwano, carambola or mangosteen.

Today we want to talk to you about noni, a delicious tropical fruit from the island of Tahiti, in the South Pacific, although we can also find it in Fiji, New Zealand, Australia and Malaysia.

It is a fruit that is obtained from the noni plant, and whose appearance is actually very characteristic, since it is the same size as a potato, has a yellow color (which turns into white once it ripens), and counts with a really curious shape, as you can see in the snapshots that accompany this article.

Most important benefits of noni

Despite having a bitter taste and not smelling very good, it is a fruit of tropical origin that provides very interesting benefits and nutritional properties, hence it is commonly used as a dietary supplement. In fact, the well-known noni juice (or noni juice) is made with this fruit.

It is a pH stabilizing fruit, as well as being a food capable of neutralizing acidity. This makes possible the stability of the function of the liver, kidneys, bladder and pancreas, among other organs.

It helps to strengthen the immune system, so it is an ideal fruit when it comes to  increasing defenses and having good health in this regard. In addition, it is capable of eliminating bacteria and viruses.

It becomes an ally fruit for women, since it helps reduce the typical symptoms of menstruation, and is also useful during menopause, since it also reduces its most common symptoms.

It is a good anti-inflammatory, while helping to relieve joint inflammations. On the other hand, it also helps reduce asthma and allergies, and is an excellent source of energy.

Nutritional properties of noni

From a nutritional point of view, noni is a fruit that provides both vitamins and minerals.  Among its vitamin content, the presence of vitamin C stands out above all, while among the minerals the presence of calcium, zinc and iron stands out.

On the other hand, it also provides good amounts of protein and fiber, being ideal for relieving constipation and improving intestinal transit.


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