What is a stable relationship really like? What does it have to have for it to be effectively like this? We discover 5 basic pillars that support it.

When it comes to having a relationship, not everything should be love, sex, and eternal affection. As its name suggests, a couple is a thing of two people. It is something that must be forged by both parties if you want it to be as durable as possible. Otherwise, you are doomed forever.

And you? Do you have a relationship but you are not entirely comfortable in it? Well, through this article we are going to tell you the five basic pillars by which a relationship should be flaunted.


It may seem silly, but surely there are still couples in which love is conspicuous by its absence. These have come together for mere economic or power convenience, as happened just a few decades ago.

However, these types of relationships are doomed to failure. There will come a time when neither party is happy with the other person. You will find that the person you spend so much time with does not fill your heart. Therefore, sooner or later this situation will only bring frustration, stress and no happiness.

I respect

There are thousands of couples out there who can process eternal love, but the respect that exists between them is nil. The line between love and hate is very thin. And for this reason, each time each of the parties feels jealousy, inattention or detachment from their partner, they begin to disrespect them with insults, insults and even physical and / or emotional abuse.

This is something you should never allow. Respect must always be eternal and mutual.  Otherwise, we will enter a war of egos and vanities that will get us nowhere.


Without a doubt another of the most basic pillars of a couple relationship. It is very normal that little jealousy and mistrust may arise from the beginning since we do not know that person 100%. However, over time and once the relationship is established, it is very important that there is mutual trust on both sides.

Without it, we will always be alert to the actions and decisions of the other person. And the truth is that this is not healthy for our inner peace. We simply cannot always be suspicious of our partner because this is only going to bring us brutal stress and frustration. If for any reason we have reasons to distrust him or her. We will have no choice but to sever the relationship.


Every relationship requires a minimum commitment. We are not going to get into the degree that is needed. But if it is necessary for both parties to “compromise” some long-term stability. It is useless to swear eternal love to a person, yes after a few days our feelings disappear.

A relationship is a lasting thing. It is like a plant that has just taken root and that we must water every day if we want it to become a beautiful flower. And so must the other party. In short, a relationship has to provide a minimum of emotional stability if we want it to last as long as possible.


This goes a bit in relation to the previous point. Without sincerity, a relationship is doomed sooner or later. For this reason, it is very important that before perjuring eternal love, certain points are made very clear that for one person may seem very obvious but not for the other.

Fidelity, sincerity, trust, commitment … These are the most important values ​​that should govern a relationship. However, there may still be many people who still do not see it that way. Hence, it is very important to make all these points clear from the beginning in order that the pillars of our relationship are strengthened.


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