Benefits of garlic or garlic. Find out what its properties are and what its most interesting nutritional information is.

It is common for young garlic to be confused with garlic, although popularly we can also find and know them by the name of garlic. In the kitchen they are commonly used in the preparation of delicious scrambled eggs and omelettes, although we can also prepare them stewed, grilled or in tempura.

However, we are not facing a different variety of garlic, but in reality they consist of the garlic collected in its first phase of plant growth, at the time when the bulb has just begun to form.

Regarding its appearance, the bulb (lower part of the garlic) is generally whitish, purple or reddish in color, while its leaves have an intense green color and are smooth.

From a nutritional point of view they are just as healthy as garlic, with a difference that in a certain sense many will appreciate: its flavor is much milder. It is true that it is less concentrated in nutrients, but they present a greater contribution in water.

Benefits of young garlic or garlic sprouts:

Its benefits are actually very similar to those that garlic gives us. In fact, they are interesting when it comes to increasing defenses thanks to their antibiotic properties, helping to strengthen defenses, hence they are interesting when fighting infections.

They help to promote the dilation of blood vessels, positively improving circulation.  Precisely by causing vasodilation, it allows a greater fluidity of the blood, reducing pressure and improving blood circulation.

Nutritional information of garlic sprouts:

100 grams of garlic sprouts provide:

Calories 29 kcal.
Protein 2.1 g
Carbohydrates 3.2 g
Total fat 0.2 g
Fiber 0 g



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