Emotion and Mind10 famous quotes from Aristotle that will help you improve as people

10 famous quotes from Aristotle that will help you improve as people

Aristotle was a Greek philosopher and thinker whose approaches have survived to this day. We highlight 10 of his most famous quotes, useful to be a better person.

Aristotle was with Plato, one of the most influential philosophers of Ancient Greece. Throughout his entire work, famous quotes can be seen that are still very relevant today. In fact, many of them can be applied to our daily lives as they will help us better understand the world around us.

It goes without saying that this Hellenic thinker has left us many of these phrases to remember. Although we have made a selection of the ten that seem most impressive to us. Do you sign up to meet them? Well, if so, pay close attention to the following lines!

10 wonderful famous quotes from Aristotle 

“The wise man does not say everything he thinks. But he always thinks everything he says”

As a good thinker that he was, Aristotle realized that in order to present his point of view, he sometimes had to think carefully about everything he was going to present. In this way, all your arguments would be strong enough to move forward with any debate.

The ignorant affirms. The wise doubt and reflect”

This is similar to the first date. Here it is emphasized that there is no absolute truth. As human beings, it is necessary that we sometimes listen and soak up other points of view in order to reflect on them and become more cultured people.

“Friendship is a soul that inhabits two bodies, a heart that inhabits two souls”

For Aristotle, friendship was one of the most precious gifts of the human being. Hence, it is very relevant to give it the importance it has if we want it to last for life and we want our best friend to be part of our soul.

“We are what we do, day by day. So excellence is not an act but a habit”

Many times we think that excellence is like an innate gift of the human being. Nothing could be further from the truth. If we want to give the best of ourselves, we will have no choice but to improve every day. Something that will only be achieved through the habit of perseverance.

“By dint of building well, you become a good architect”

Only through the good acts that we are perpetrating throughout our lives, will we become better “architects” of that gift of life. Otherwise, we will only get stress and worries produced by our bad decisions.

“Only by doing good can you really be happy”

Kindness is a virtue that should prevail in human beings practically from birth. Thanks to her, we will precisely be able to be happier with ourselves along with the rest of the loved ones that surround us.

“What is acquired with a lot of work, is loved the most”

Once we have achieved our goals or objectives through effort and personal determination, we will realize that all this time invested will have really been worth it. And therefore we will surely feel better about ourselves.

“You cannot untie a knot if you don’t know how it is done”

Here we are made a kind of analogy that affirms that to solve any problem or adversity that life presents us, there will be no other option than to find out the cause of it. In this way, it will be easier to act accordingly later.

“Our character is the result of our behavior”

Only through our actions and how we behave with others, we will be a true reflection of our personality. It is useless to say that we are “X” and then our behavior tells us that we are “Y”. We own our own shares. Hence, only through them can we decide our behavior.

“In adversity, virtue comes to light”

Only through the problems that arise in our daily routine, can we improve little by little and thus enhance all our virtues as a person. It is useless to always stay in our comfort zone. We must go further to explore our limits as a person.


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