More and more parents are opting for cloth or biodegradable diapers. But what are its advantages and why is its use so important? We discover it for you.

During pregnancy, the future mother has to have everything that concerns the life of the future baby and provides him with optimal development in his day-to-day life and absolute hygiene. The accessories that cannot fail when the mother is about to give birth must firstly be the right clothes, the stroller or carrycot, and especially diapers since babies need an average of 8 diapers per day .

The use of diapers that do not pollute and respect the environment is becoming increasingly fashionable , although their use is not yet widespread if more and more parents decide to opt for this alternative that not only benefits the planet but also their baby.

What are the advantages of using cloth diapers?

One of the main reasons as mentioned above to use cloth diapers is that they produce a lower environmental impact than any diaper made with materials such as cellulose or plastic that are difficult to degrade.

Normally the consumption of plastic diapers that a baby has is € 1,250 during its first two years, about € 720 the first year and another € 500 the second year, in the case of biodegradable diapers, consumption is reduced by up to 30% in the two years.

This is one of the advantages of using ecological diapers as it reduces the budget for baby hygiene by up to € 500.

Another advantage that we can mention when using cloth diapers is the enormous collaboration that is made with the environment, since diapers together with waste such as plastic containers and newspapers among others represent one of the most common items.

If you want to start using cloth diapers for the arrival of your baby, you can choose to buy an average of 25 diapers, you can buy one size at the beginning and adjust it to the growth of your baby and it will serve you until he is two years old or buy several sizes and change diapers as they grow.

Models and types of cloth diapers

It is true that disposable diapers are the most used and many parents choose to buy them for the convenience of changing a baby every few hours and not being aware of the washing of cloth diapers and having enough stock every time they need it.

One of the doubts that most worries parents is the expense of money that is used to buy these types of diapers in case it is even greater than that of disposable diapers.

It may be that at the beginning knowing what type of cloth diaper to buy or what model to choose for your baby will be a problem because there are many things to take into account, but we guarantee that as soon as you have all the necessary information and the correct handling of them. You will become an expert.

The different cloth diapers, biodegradable or ecological, differ in several models that we mention below:

  • “All-in-one” cloth diapers: These diapers, much like conventional diapers, are made up of three parts, the inner fabric, the absorbent core and the waterproof layer.
  • “Refillable” cloth diapers: these diapers have a part to incorporate absorbent papers according to the baby’s needs, they are formed by an outer layer of polyester and an inner layer of fleece. There are different absorbents to incorporate into the diaper, made of bamboo, hemp, microfiber or cotton.
  • “Adjustable diapers: this type of diaper is made up of two pieces, the cover and the diaper. The cover is the outer and waterproof part of the diaper and the diaper is its inner part.
  • “Folding” diapers: very similar to the old cloth diapers that were used, they are made of cotton and must be folded in a certain way, their use is usually more laborious but no less comfortable, they are the cheapest and the easiest to use with newly born.


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