Eggplant water is a natural drink with many health benefits and properties. We discover its most important qualities.

The eggplant is one of the vegetables most famous, popular and well known in the world. It belongs to the Solanaceae family, which includes about 75 genera and about 2,100 species of producing plants, although in reality very few are actually edible, as for example is the case of aubergines. Among this group we can find the potato, tomato or pepper. It is native to India, with evidence of its cultivation in various regions of the East, although its introduction in Europe did not occur until the Middle Ages, reaching our country through Arab merchants.

Depending on the shape of the eggplant, we can find different varieties. The elongated aubergine (with dark purple skin, shiny and green pulp), the marbled aubergine (with almost white pulp and round oval fruits), the spherical aubergine (with round fruit, green pulp and bright dark purple color) and the globose aubergine (spherical in shape and dark purple and shiny skin). Although it is traditionally used in the kitchen in the preparation of different recipes, it is also possible to make aubergine water, a natural drink with interesting benefits and health properties.

Eggplant water benefits

Excellent antioxidant

Eggplant water is very rich in chlorogenic acid, which stands out for being a powerful antioxidant, which we find in the tissues of the plants that they produce in order to protect against infections. We also find flavonoids, which are ultimately the pigments that give aubergine its characteristic purple color.

Helps lower cholesterol and triglycerides

If both high cholesterol and of triglycerides , water eggplant helps reduce high levels of blood fats , precisely because of its different antioxidant qualities, especially by the presence of flavonoids.

In the particular case of flavonoids, eggplant water helps reduce cholesterol by intervening in its metabolism and helping in its elimination.

Useful against abdominal fat

Eggplant water helps to lose weight and eliminate abdominal fat, especially if its consumption is combined with following a low-fat diet and regular physical exercise. In addition, it acts in weight loss due to its satiating effect.

Wonderful detoxifying and cleansing

Eggplant water is useful to detoxify our body and purify it in a completely natural way. It also acts as a diuretic, so it is an excellent natural option in the treatment of fluid retention.

It is also very interesting when it comes to purifying the liver, so it helps in liver detoxifying diets. On the other hand, it is interesting when it comes to stimulating the proper functioning of the bile.

Eggplant water properties

In summary, below we indicate which are the most important and outstanding properties of aubergine water:

  • It helps purify the body, in addition to acting as a natural detoxifier.
  • Useful for detoxifying and purifying the liver and gallbladder.
  • Helps to eliminate abdominal fat and lose weight.
  • Satiating effect.
  • Lowers cholesterol and triglycerides.
  • Useful in case of fluid retention.

How to prepare the aubergine water:

To make the aubergine water you only need an aubergine and water. First cut a previously washed eggplant into small pieces and place them in a bowl or dark colored container.  Cover the pieces with water and let it rest for a day.

After this time it is advisable to drink half a liter of eggplant water every day, for a maximum of 7 days.


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