Many times we fear the future and we see it with concern, not allowing ourselves to enjoy what we live today. Discover why it is so important to live each moment. It will help you to be happier.

There is an old and beautiful advice that says that we must live each moment to be able to enjoy the beauty of life itself, from day to day, but above all from the present.

Not in vain, from Horacio is the quote carpe diem, quan minimun credulous last, which comes to say something like how it takes today, do not trust tomorrow, in a maxim that precisely indicates that you enjoy every moment, that you enjoy of today.

Do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today, since living each moment allows you to enjoy day to day without thinking about tomorrow, because we do not know precisely what may happen tomorrow.

Living every moment means living every second, every minute and every hour of the day, at the same time that we enjoy every moment without thinking precisely about tomorrow, about what may happen in the future (whether it be tomorrow or the day after).

However, there are people who may think that if the phrase “do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today” redounds on the subject, or if it means just the opposite.

However, we are obviously surrounded by future thoughts: starting a business, committing ourselves to a relationship, starting a career. All of these issues require thinking about the future as a goal.

But the basis is to enjoy every moment, for example when we open a business, when we commit ourselves to the person we love, or when we carry out a career study.

Self-help to live in the present

Looking to the future is a need that every man, with a serious life project, establishes as a norm of existence. The human being is dynamic and therefore in constant evolution and mutation. Hope is synonymous with development and openness to the unexpected.

However, the idea of ​​time can become a ghost that can tear us away from the experience of the present moment. The past, although it is part of the foundation on which we build our lives, has already ceased to exist because it has passed by. Similarly, the future does not exist either, to the extent that it has not yet broken into our history.

The only thing left to man, with a sense of reality and truthfulness, is the present in which his experiences are embodied. One can speak of the past through memory, and the future through imaginary projection. However, the present is spoken by the immediate manifestation in our consciousness and, ultimately, that is the only thing we own, since on the fly we can transform it.

The chimera of modern man consists in imagining that all times to come will always be better than the past, or the present. But, in reality, only the present is the moment that we can mold at will, and in accordance with the values ​​in which we believe. Moreover, if we make a mistake, we can immediately rectify by making each moment the happiness that we all seek.

The illusion of postponing to the near or remote future what we have not yet achieved is a trap that takes us away from the possibility of transforming, at every minute, the happiness that is within the reach of any man.

Living in the present time is the only thing left for us to avoid spending our lives regretting what we did not do and dreaming about what we want to do. Happiness consists of taking the bull by the horns to enjoy in the present what is already a reality, if we learn to love it as the only existing truth, outside of the past that is gone and the future that we do not know when it will come.


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