No beer, no wine. Did you know that drinking alcohol during pregnancy is very dangerous for the health of the baby and for yours? Find out what its dangerous effects are.

Drinking alcohol in a general way increases the chances of suffering from diseases related to the heart, causes hypertension and generates the development of other diseases related to the pancreas. Additionally, even low drinking has been shown to increase the risk of cancer.

When you are pregnant, alcohol must be completely eliminated.

Some studies published in Spain concluded that about 40% of women drink alcohol in the first three months of pregnancy, while 1 in 10 continue to do so until the last months.

This is a big mistake, since research shows that there is no amount of alcohol that is considered safe to drink in pregnancy, therefore it is best not to drink at all.

These are the dangerous effects of drinking alcohol during pregnancy.

When there are alterations that are associated with alcohol when pregnant, then we speak of TEAF (Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders), which translates into serious problems such as Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS).

In this sense, we must remember a study in which it is estimated that one in 67 women who consume alcohol in pregnancy could give birth to a baby with fetal alcohol syndrome.

And what are its consequences? They are as follows:

Low birth weight

One of the consequences of drinking alcohol during pregnancy is the low weight that occurs in the baby at birth.

Premature delivery

Another consequence of bad habits, such as smoking or drinking alcohol, is premature labor. A problem that has negative consequences and that hinders the good growth of the baby.

Physical malformations

Physical malformations can also occur in the fetus, such as abnormal facial features or growth problems, as it is something that can be deficient before and after delivery. Added to this are problems with movement and balance, and poor muscle tone.

Increased blood pressure

The pregnant woman who drinks during the gestation months may experience an increase in blood pressure and this directly affects the health of the baby.

Behavior problems

As the baby is born and grows, children who have been born while the mother has drunk alcohol in pregnancy may have behavior problems, develop hyperactivity, have trouble concentrating, and be unsocial. This is also related to learning problems that, in the long run, complicate children in their daily lives.

Heart abnormalities

The child can also suffer from abnormalities related to the heart and develop diseases that may be related to this problem.

Alterations in the central nervous system of the fetus

Consuming alcohol in pregnancy can also affect the central nervous system of the fetus and this can happen even if pregnant women have one drink per week, since the chances of children being born with such problems are greater if alcohol is drunk.

Neither wine nor beer are healthy

A growing number of nutritionists are taking a stand against the idea that “drinking a little alcohol is good, especially when it comes to beer or wine.” This is the case, a renowned nutritionist who already in his book warned about the terrible statistics in Spain, in which it has been found that around 35% of women drink alcohol, around 4 out of 10 pregnant women.

In turn, a study has recently been published in which researchers warn about the consumption of both alcohol and cannabis or cocaine, since “it increases the risk of obstetric complications and has serious consequences, not only in the development of the fetus, but also has lifelong implications.”

What behavior to adopt to avoid drinking alcohol during pregnancy?

For the majority of pregnant women, it is not difficult for them to be 9 or more months without drinking any alcohol. They are preserving their health and that of their future child. Currently, there are non-alcoholic beers that have a similar taste to beer with and that are perfectly substitutes for alcoholic beverages.

Water, natural juices, infusions, teas, drinks without gas or sugar… they are the best drinks for pregnancy. In addition, we will keep in mind that we will also reduce caffeinated drinks.

Planning at home is necessary to avoid drinking alcohol when it is not necessary. One way to do this is to talk with the couple so that they also reduce their alcohol consumption if we see that this affects the pregnancy.

Choosing a healthy lifestyle is the best option, so it does not hurt to ask your gynecologist for advice, visit a nutritionist before you get pregnant and know what to do at all times so that the pregnancy is much more bearable without taking even one hint of alcohol.

The sincerity in the consultation or clinic avoids the development of many problems that can be avoided. So if the pregnant woman has a problem with alcohol, she must recognize it and deal with it as one more therapy


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