Taking a tablespoon of olive oil with lemon juice on an empty stomach is a natural remedy with multiple benefits and properties, both preventive and curative. We discover what it consists of.

We could say that olive oil is, without a doubt, one of the star foods of the Mediterranean diet, which was declared in November 2010 as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity for being an adequate nutritional and dietary option in in terms of its correct nutritional contribution, as it is based above all on the consumption of vegetable products, bread and other cereals, vinegar and olive oil itself as the main fat.

As you surely know, olive oil consists of a food of natural origin produced from the olive (the fruit of the olive tree). In the market we can find different varieties depending on the conditions followed in its preparation. With all this, the best option is extra virgin olive oil (also popularly known as extra olive oil), since the oil is not altered during the production process, as well as virgin olive oil. For this reason, these two options tend to be more expensive from an economic point of view.

Regarding the recommended daily amounts, many nutritionists recommend taking about 50 grams of olive oil a day, which is equivalent to about 3 tablespoons of this delicious liquid daily. But as we already told you in a previous note in which we talked about the wonderful relationship between olive oil and lemon juice, do you know that its qualities are even more incredible?

What does the remedy of taking a tablespoon of olive oil with lemon on an empty stomach consist of?

Since the time of our grandmothers, there has been a very popular natural remedy  consisting of taking a tablespoon of olive oil with a few drops of lemon juice, becoming a traditional remedy that is especially recommended to be consumed on an empty stomach in the morning, and an option wonderful that helps us enjoy the different healing, preventive and medicinal properties that both olive oil and natural lemon juice provide us. In fact, it stands out for being extremely simple to prepare, and even more so, to consume.

What are its curative and preventive benefits?

The remedy of olive oil with lemon, when consumed on an empty stomach, provides the following qualities:

  • Helps relieve constipation: olive oil acts as a wonderful natural laxative, especially when consumed fasting on an empty stomach. It is an excellent natural option to calm and relieve constipation, especially when constipation is mild.
  • Powerful detoxifier for the body: it is an ideal natural option to detoxify and purify our body, since both lemon juice and olive oil act as two powerful detoxifiers and cleansers for the body, especially both the liver and the gallbladder.
  • An ideal remedy in case of high cholesterol: whether it is in case of high cholesterol or triglycerides, it is a wonderful natural option to reduce high levels of fats in the blood. In the particular case of cholesterol, this remedy is ideal for reducing LDL cholesterol and increasing HDL (or good cholesterol).
  • Relieves digestive problems: consumed on an empty stomach, this remedy is useful in case of gastric acidity, stomach pain, heavy digestion or indigestion.

How to take olive oil with lemon?

The procedure is extremely simple: on an empty stomach, you just have to put a little extra virgin olive oil in a tablespoon and add a few drops of lemon juice (if you wish, you can split the lemon and squeeze it a little directly into the tablespoon of olive oil).

It is advisable to take this remedy every day, always on an empty stomach.


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