What are the benefits of seawater to remove mucus? It is a natural element with excellent properties in case of cold, rhinitis, sinusitis… We will discover its most important qualities.

How many times have we been advised when we had colds as children, to go to the beach and put our heads under sea water in order to get better and eliminate mucus?

And, indeed, if you ever did it (or have even done it today when you’re older) you’ve probably realized that it’s a very simple but tremendously effective natural remedy.

For this reason, today you can find different salt water sprayers in pharmacies with the aim of cleaning the nostrils and helping to eliminate the possible existence of mucus in them.  But, as is logical to think, opting directly for pure seawater is not the same as opting for sprays that contain seawater.

The benefits of pure seawater against rhinitis and sinusitis

Rhinitis is a condition or disorder that affects the nasal mucosa, and that among other related symptoms produces an uncomfortable itching in the nose, sneezing, obstruction and nasal secretions.

The most common is  allergic rhinitis, since the main factor that causes its appearance are those known as aeroallergens, especially dust mites present in our home.

While, sinusitis, consists of the inflammation of the Para nasalsinuses, which are the hollow cavities that we find in the bones that surround the nose. It is usually caused by a viral, bacterial, fungal infection or simply an allergic reaction.

The symptoms of sinusitis are equally characteristic, since it is common for pain to appear in the maxillary sinus that is perceived above all in the cheekbone or to produce tooth pain when felt in the upper dental arch.

As we can see, these two disorders have something in common: they affect our upper respiratory tract (especially the nose), causing related discomfort such as the presence of mucus and therefore nasal congestion, problems breathing correctly, nasal itching…

Precisely pure seawater is very useful in the treatment of rhinitis and sinusitis, since in its composition we find different elements that act on the waterproofing of the mucosa, have an ant allergic action and stimulate phagocytosis, and they also tend to act directly on the immune function of our body.

But these qualities are not the only ones, given that in addition to reinforcing the natural immunity of our body, it is fully capable of helping us eliminate mucus effectively  thanks to the fact that it exerts a very interesting mechanism that drags secretions, in turn fluidizing the mucus. Viscous.

Pure seawater is an excellent natural antibiotic and bactericide, a quality that means that it is capable of eliminating those bacteria that are harmful to our body, but respecting those bacteria that are good.

In addition, it is a wonderful anti-allergy agent, so its application is useful in allergic people because it helps reduce hypersensitivity to different allergens. In this sense, seawater becomes an excellent natural option, because it helps reduce the consumption of related medications, such as antihistamines.

In case of runny nose and nosebleeds, seawater is also indicated, since it reduces tissue irritation, while helping to regenerate cells and rehydrate the different tissues of the nose.

On the other hand, in case of rhinitis it is a useful option because it reduces the excessive dryness that can cause the appearance of scabs, acting as an analgesic and anti-inflammatory, reducing inflammation and the pain associated with them.

How to wash your nose with pure sea water:

If, for example, you have an excess of mucus and you are lucky enough to be able to go to the beach, enjoying the therapeutic qualities of pure seawater is extremely simple, since you only have to submerge yourself in it and put your head in the water for a few seconds. , trying to repeat this operation several times.

But if you are at home, you can’t go to the beach (because you don’t have it close by living in the city or you simply don’t have time) then you can do nasal washes at home. How?

First of all, you should opt for seawater nasal washes, which you can find in pharmacies.  In case the pharmacy does not have another solution, it is to opt for nasal washes with saline solution, equally useful and effective.

Once you have the nasal wash product at home, we will proceed to follow the necessary steps for its application. You just have to wash your hands and lean over the sink with your head down. Then insert the sprayer into one side of your nose and pinch the other side of your nose with your fingers to prevent the solution from leaking out.

Now gently squeeze the sprayer. Follow the same steps to repeat the process on the other side of the nose. Finally leave it on for 1 or 2 minutes and gently blow your nose. Ready!


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