Having dogs or cats at home is an incredible opportunity not only to live with other living beings, but also allow us to enjoy all their benefits and qualities. Find out what they are.

Having pets at home is a very personal decision and we must be aware of the work and the responsibilities that this entails before preparing to bring one home. Did you know that these pets can reduce the level of stress, anxiety or depression? In this article we will explain the benefits of having dogs and / or cats.

A large number of scientific studies have determined that human-animal links have positive effects on mental and physical health.

Some of the conclusions reached by these studies are the following:

  • People with pets in their care are less likely to have depression.
  • Blood pressure in dog or cat owners is lower in stressful situations or it can even improve hypertension.
  • Playing with animals raises the levels of serotonin and dopamine, these bring us to calm and relax us.
  • Triglyceride and cholesterol levels of people who have a dog or cat are lower than those who do not.
  • Heart attack patients who own dogs live longer.
  • Pet owners under 65 years of age go to the doctor 30% less.

The small changes we expose ourselves to when we embrace a pet

Life with or without pets is of course very different. Not only do the number of responsibilities change, but our habits and schedules are modified. Some changes that we may experience before the arrival of the new member of the family may be the following:

  • We will increase daily exercise. Our dog needs to go out, and not only to relieve himself, needs him to discharge his energy: run, swim or walk. So someone will have to take it out… It’s a good time to get fit and relax.
  • We will be accompanied. Laying at home doing nothing will now be different. We will always have our pet around us asking for pampering, playing ball or simply lying next to us. The feeling of loneliness will practically disappear and with it some of the symptoms of depression (loneliness, isolation, etc.)
  • We will make new friends. Now going down the street with our dog will make us more sociable. Many people with pets want to make new friends and for their dogs to socialize. From here you can go group walks or even field and beach activities.
  • It will reduce our anxiety. Pets live in the today and now. They don’t care about what they will eat tomorrow or the mischief they did and were scolded for. This will help you put your problems behind you and enjoy the moments.
  • New routines arrive. Animals need feeding, exercise and play routines. This will make you have to organize your day in a different way and thereby optimize your time. It will not matter if you are depressed or do not want to go out, your dog will help you out of this circle out of necessity.
  • It will keep you active and busy. This aspect is essential for our elders. As we age, our obligations and responsibilities are reduced and this leads us to unproductiveness. Feeling useless is never a positive thing and our pet will help us get away from this feeling. Someone has to take care of her!
  • It will teach responsibility. Especially, this benefit is aimed at our children. If our son grows up seeing that someone needs his help to survive and takes care of it, both his values ​​and his sense of responsibility will increase.
  • We will become more loving. Our pets show us all the time that they appreciate us and love us disinterestedly and this fact makes us unintentionally see ourselves in the “obligation” to return all that love. People who have difficulty expressing their feelings, with our new partner will develop these skills quickly.

We must not forget what a pet entails

Just as we have talked about the responsibility of having a living being living with us.  From here we also want to list some inconveniences with which we hope that you weigh well the decision of acquiring a pet or not.

You must not forget that once you adopt an animal, abandonment cannot be an option. There they go:

  • They require time and a lot of attention. If without a pet you are overwhelmed with your schedule, a pet will make your situation worse.
  • On many occasions your pet will limit you on your outings with friends. As we discussed in advance, their routines are a need that you have to cover responsibly.
  • Animals can be harmful to some people. You should not put the desire to acquire a pet before the health of yourself or those who live with you or in your care. Allergies are a good example.
  • A dog also means extra money. Ask yourself: can I afford a dog and treat it properly?

Once all these aspects have been weighed and taking into account that an animal is not a stuffed animal that you can get rid of if something does not go as well as you expected, without a doubt, we recommend a furry animal in your life.



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