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Why it is not good to drink coffee after waking up

Every time we get up we tend to drink coffee quickly as a way to stimulate ourselves, however it would not be a very good or recommended option. We explain why.

Every day the same routine is repeated in many houses in our country, and also in many other countries throughout the world: we get up, wash our faces to wake up, get dressed and prepare a coffee, some very strong, and others simply accompany their cup of milk with a few drops of this stimulating drink. In fact, there are many who prepare it just a few minutes after getting up, with the aim of ‘waking up’. We can remember, for example, that if I do not have a coffee in the morning I’m not a person. And with a certain reason, because when we get our body used to regular and daily consumption of coffee, when we don’t we feel irritable, in a bad mood, with a headache, with a feeling of fatigue or numbness and with a lot of difficulty to be able to work normally or simply to be able to concentrate.

If we discover what the benefits of drinking coffee are, it is clear that coffee helps us to activate and wake up, since it is a useful natural drink to help activate our body and raise alertness, so that it is suitable at the time improve concentration for longer. In addition, it is interesting to take it in the morning to help us reduce drowsiness, with which we ‘eliminate’ the sleep that we may feel after getting out of bed. But according to many authors, having a coffee immediately after waking up would be a mistake.  Why?

As you surely know, our body has an internal clock, which is responsible for increasing our degree of natural alertness first thing in the morning thanks to the increased production of cortisol. This hormone makes it not really useful to have a coffee after getting up.  In fact, if we take into account that cortisol levels tend to decrease as the hours go by, it is much more effective to drink coffee two or three hours after waking up, in order to take advantage of its stimulating qualities and benefits.

What is cortisol?

Cortisol is considered the stress hormone, since our body manufactures it in certain situations that we consider to be emergencies, so that it helps us when dealing with everyday problems. It is, therefore, a hormone that is directly related to our state of alertness.

Many specialists consider that the highest point in cortisol concentration, if we take into account our 24-hour circadian rhythm, is found mainly between 8 and 9 in the morning.  This is the time when our own hormones produce a higher alert state in our body, so that if we drink coffee at that time we would not notice its stimulating effects.

Of course, we must warn that drinking coffee after getting up is not bad for health. The only thing that would not be advisable if we precisely want to take advantage of the stimulating qualities of caffeine, as a way of giving us energy and stimulating our concentration to work and/or study.


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