Did you know that your beard can have as many bacteria as a public toilet? We discover the risks to your health of having a large and extensive beard and not washing your hands before caressing it.


Over the centuries, the beard has been a symbol of social status for a good number of cultures, until today becoming an authentic sign of identity for a wide variety of men, who, among other things, choose to let it grow naturally. natural and then cut in a way that best reflects your own identity and personality. In short, wearing it or not is a matter of taste.

Its advantages, according to some scientific studies, are not only related to the fact that it becomes an aesthetic and personality symbol. Among other aspects, it also serves as a sunscreen in such a way that protected faces with a beard have a third less exposure to ultra violet rays, it is believed that it would help men with asthma caused by pollen and dust by preventing allergens from entering the nose, and it will also help slow down aging since facial hair would help keep water from leaving the skin, keeping it perfectly hydrated while protecting it from the wind.

But as a scientific study recently showed, apparently wearing a beard would not be so positive, especially if it is very thick and populated. We find out why.

The risks of wearing a very thick, large and thick beard

According to scholars, beards seem to have more bacteria than we could find in a toilet;  specifically, and to be precise around 20,000 bacteria that would live between the facial hair of many men. Or, put another way, the beard has practically more bacteria than those found in a toilet.

Why? Very simple: men with beards tend to touch their beards constantly, especially when they are away from home, so if they touch their facial hair with dirty hands -precisely without having washed them first- most of the bacteria that would be present in these would go directly to the hair of the face.

To reach this conclusion, the researchers took samples from several volunteers with beards, and then analyzed them in a laboratory. According to the results, among the incredible amount of bacteria and germs they also found excrement particles.

We must also remember on this occasion the results of other previous studies, which had already found that men who have beards and mustaches are more likely to suffer from skin infections, and transmit them to others more easily.

How to prevent your beard from being a nest of bacteria and germs?

If in spite of this, you do not want to give up your palabra beard you can be totally calm.  And it is that according to scientists, there is a solution, and also very simple to follow: always wash your hands with hot water and soap before touching your facial hair.

A piece of advice, by the way, that is actually identical to the one we should follow when we go to eat and we have just arrived from the street. And it becomes in fact one of the best ways to prevent infectious diseases.


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