Brewer’s yeast is a nutritional supplement with many benefits and very healthy, which is why it is ideal to consume every morning. We explain why.

What is brewer’s yeast?

The yeast is a microscopic fungus found in the wort beer.

Specifically, it is a single-celled fungus scientifically known by the name of Saccharomyces cerevisiae, being commonly used in the production of beer, wine and bread, since being a set of living organisms they generate carbon dioxide and ethanol during the fermentation process.

Of course, the brewer’s yeast that we usually consume as a nutritional supplement, usually in the form of flakes (although we can also find it ground and in capsules), is somewhat different from that used in the production of beverages and food, since in it is actually cultivated, separated from the liquid and finally pressed with the aim of eliminating the existing humidity.

When carrying out this process we must bear in mind that nutritional qualities are not lost, since it continues to have its incredible nutritional wealth. On the contrary, its benefits increase since by eliminating the presence of microorganisms no gases are released.

The properties of drinking beer yeast every morning:

The truth is that brewer’s yeast becomes the ideal nutritional supplement to take every morning with breakfast, accompanied by a large glass of water or natural juice. Not only because of its incredible nutritional wealth, but also because of the qualities, benefits and properties it provides.

The nutritional benefits of brewer’s yeast:

Brewer’s yeast is especially rich in proteins of high biological value. In fact, for every 100 grams of brewer’s yeast it provides about 8 grams of protein. It also stands out for being very rich in B vitamins, essential for the production of energy through food, to produce numerous hormones and enzymes and to take care of the health of both the heart and the arteries, among other basic functions.

On the other hand, we must also name the presence of amino acidsfiber and minerals such as iron, zinc, magnesium and chromium.

Helps reduce or prevent constipation:

Brewer’s yeast, being very rich in fiber, is useful for regulating and improving intestinal transit, making it a simply perfect nutritional supplement in case of  constipation. In fact, it is ideal when you must consume antibiotics and other medications that can affect the health of your intestinal flora for a few days, since it actively participates in its reconstruction.

Ideal in case of fatigue, exhaustion and the need for an extra supply of energy:

On a previous occasion we explained to you how to have more energy in spring, and that is that although many people associate autumn with sadness, fatigue and little encouragement to do things (due to the change of season and the hormonal changes that it produces in our body), The truth is that we can also talk about the presence of spring asthenia. In this sense, brewer’s yeast helps in case you feel tired or exhausted, thanks to its richness in B vitamins, amino acids and minerals.

For this reason, it becomes an ideal supplement to take in the morning, because it gives you the energy you need to start the day well.

Helps improve digestion:

Besides being a suitable supplement in case of constipation, either for its relief or for its prevention, brewer’s yeast is also useful to improve digestion thanks to its richness in probiotics, which activate certain digestive enzymes.

The ideal supplement for your skin, your nails and your hair:

Due to its richness in B complex vitamins (among which we must especially mention the presence of vitamin B8 or biotin), brewer’s yeast is ideal for taking care of the health of the skin, nails and hair:

  • For the hair: Helps to improve the texture of the hair and also its growth.
  • For the skin: It is useful in case of acne, dryness and eczema.
  • For nails: Provides essential nutrients ideal for brittle and brittle nails.

The benefits of brewer’s yeast, in summary.

As we have commented throughout this note, brewer’s yeast is widely used in dietetics due to its richness in B vitamins, amino acids and mineral salts.

Precisely for this reason, its inclusion in the diet is of certain interest for fragile hair, brittle nails, for skin health and in cases of fatigue.

As it also contains active antibacterial substances, it helps to increase the body’s defenses.

It also helps regulate intestinal function, participating in the reconstruction of the flora of the intestine. In summary, here is a summary of its main properties:

  • Rich in B vitamins, mineral salts and amino acids.
  • Ideal in cases of exhaustion and fatigue.
  • Good for maintaining healthy skin, brittle nails and brittle hair.
  • Useful for enjoying good health and natural beauty.

How to take brewer’s yeast?

If you bought it in flakes, just add one or two tablespoons of brewer’s yeast to a large glass of water, stir well and drink slowly. If you have purchased it in capsule form, you must follow the instructions that you will find on the product packaging, although the most common is to consume one to two capsules with each meal, three times a day.

In summary, below we explain in detail how you can enjoy all the benefits that brewer’s yeast offers you every morning. Take note:

  • Take beer yeast in the form of flakes: It is a common and very popular option, since you can buy cans of beer yeast both in herbalists and in the supermarket. If you choose this way, you just have to add between one to two tablespoons in a large glass of water, stir it well and drink it.
  • Brewer’s yeast capsules: It is another easy and simple option. The ideal is to follow the recommendations indicated on the package, but the common is to consume between one to two capsules three times a day, with each meal, accompanied by a glass of water.

How to make a beer yeast mask to enjoy its benefits on the skin?

Did you know that it is also ideal to enjoy healthy and natural beauty? We explain below how to make an interesting beer yeast mask.


  • Two tablespoons of brewer’s yeast.
  • Water.

Making the beer yeast mask:

  1. Choose two tablespoons of powdered brewer’s yeast.
  2. Add water to a saucepan and bring it to a boil.
  3. When it starts to boil, turn off the heat and let it cool a little, so that you form a kind of paste with the mixture.

Once you have obtained the paste, you can apply it and leave it to act for twenty minutes, to then remove it with warm water.


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