Learn about some of the most important properties and benefits of white tea. Do you know that there are many benefits of white tea, which help maintain good health due to its antioxidant power?

Recently, white tea has been considered the most powerful antioxidant in Nature; much higher than green tea.

After a dormant winter, and when the tea leaves are sprouting, only the youngest shoots are picked, especially when they are still covered in short white hairs.

At this precise moment the aforementioned sprouts are full of energy, having absolutely all their nutrients.

It is precisely obtained by harvesting the new buds before they open.

It is a price to bear in mind that, once harvested, the tea is hardly handled, allowing only the water from the leaves to evaporate and they are dried both in the air and in the sun, so all its most important properties remain intact.

White tea benefits:

Like green tea, but this time even more powerful, white tea stands out as the most powerful antioxidant in Nature.

It is considered that white tea is one hundred percent more effective than green tea, as it contains three times more polyphenols, which among other things help to increase the defenses and neutralize the activity of free radicals.

In addition, white tea is able to protect the production of lipids better than green tea, counting – therefore – that this white tea is much more effective and powerful than vitamin E and vitamin C together.

It is a healthy drink as consumed as green tea, although perhaps less well known than red tea. Not surprisingly, very few people actually know that white tea is vastly richer in antioxidants than green tea.

Like all varieties of teas, it is a low-calorie drink, so it becomes a healthy liquid that, in addition to being rich in properties to enjoy good health, is useful for losing weight and losing weight. For this reason, it is a natural drink that cannot be missing from any weight loss diet.

It is also ideal for purifying our body and helping our body in the natural process of eliminating toxins.

Contraindications of white tea:

While it is true that green tea does have certain contraindications, the truth is that as some scientific studies have been able to demonstrate, no clear contraindications have been found regarding white tea.

This is mainly due to its low caffeine content, which, compared to green tea, provides only half. And yet, it does have greater benefits, due to its high content of polyphenols and antioxidants.

Therefore, contraindications have only been found in those people who, in one way or another, are allergic to white tea itself.


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