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When the will moves mountains: a girl asked Google for a job and Sundar Pinchai responded

They say that will and trusting yourself can move mountains. And if not tell Chloe, a girl who applied to Google for a job and received the answer from Sundar Pichai, CEO.

Today we are going to tell you a story that is going to give you a little bit of faith for humanity. It is a story that shows once again that neither age, sex, nationality nor religion makes us very different from others. And if we really want to pursue our dreams, we have no choice but to fight for them from the moment we are born.

What’s more, many children like this seven-year-old British girl known as “Chloe” are seen to want to aim high for their lives despite their young age. We will agree to say that perhaps his innocence has caused him to aspire to too high a level. But first of all we would like to put you in a situation. This girl wrote a letter to Google, one of the most important technology companies both in the US and in the entire world.

In this letter, Chloe asked the very director of this North American giant to find her a job.  The funny thing is that she saw real aspirations for a position claiming that she was good at “math, computers and robots in general” and therefore wanted a position that would allow her to develop her skills.

Many would think that our dear Chloe would not receive any response, especially if we consider that there are thousands and thousands of applications with a better CV to aspire to any job position in this company.

Google surprises the whole world

However, just a few days later an unprecedented event occurred. Google responded to this girl. But not just anyone did. Sundar Pichai (one of the most important CEO of Google), was in charge of writing the letter of response to this girl in his own hand. And this basically said that she had been very proud that Chloe had contacted Google to apply for a job.

After this, he only wished him luck and gave him the advice to work hard if he wanted to collaborate with them in the not too distant future. And best of all, she said she would wait for her application right after she finished college! This response has been so successful that in just a few days it has become an unprecedented viral phenomenon.

Chloe, a mirror to look at

The truth is that it was most unexpected that one of the most powerful people in Google had the time and interest to respond to a girl of only seven years old. There is much speculation that this young Indian may be reflected in this girl. It would remind him of a long time ago when he went to college, institute and later university. Surely there he had to give 100% to become what he is today even though it was certainly not easy.

In those hard moments, he surely had moments of weakness and he wanted to abandon everything. But it was his effort, tenacity and will that “forced” him to move forward to never give up his dream. And with time he realized that all that effort was worth it. He realized that all those moments in which others went out to have a good time and he stayed home to study, have caused him to aspire to a position as important as that.

And what do we want to get to with all this? Well, as Ghandi said: “Strength does not come from physical ability, but from the indomitable will to do great things.” In fact, if you really propose, there is nothing that can resist you. But life is not a bed of roses. And in the course you will get pricked with many thorns. Whether you want to move on is up to your decision. Or be sorry for having stayed in the middle of the entire journey.

One way or another, it may be better to set easy, real goals at first. And surely this will give us strength to face tougher challenges like the one this brave Chloe has put on at the age of seven. Who would not like to travel to the future now and see first-hand if they could fulfill their dream?

Sundar Pichai’s answer:

“Dear Chloe,

Thank you very much for your letter. I’m glad you like computers and robots, and I hope you continue to learn about technology. I think that if you keep working hard and following your dreams, you can achieve everything you set your mind to, from working at Google to swimming in the Olympics. I look forward to receiving your job application when you have finished school.


Sundar Pichai



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