BeautyWheat germ oil for hair: what is it, benefits and recipe

Wheat germ oil for hair: what is it, benefits and recipe

Wheat germ oil is a wonderful natural hair product, useful for its hair health benefits. Discover how to do it with this recipe and what it consists of.

Two of the main problems with hair is, on the one hand, dryness and, on the other hand, lack of shine. In the market we can find a wide selection of industrial products to solve them but, although they are beneficial in the short term, they end up seriously damaging the scalp in the long term due to the large number of chemical components that make them up.

So, why not go for a natural product that is beneficial in the short term, but also in the medium and long term?

The best option to treat dry and dull hair is wheat germ; a 100% natural ingredient that contains different vitamins and nutrients that considerably improve the appearance of the hair.

What is wheat germ? 

It is the seed from which the plant sprouts; therefore, it is the part of the wheat grain that contains the most properties and nutrients despite constituting no more than 3% of the total weight of the grain. The germ is obtained through the grinding of wheat.

Why is wheat germ beneficial for hair? 

A natural ingredient that contains a wide selection of vitamins, especially vitamin E, as well as numerous proteins and essential fatty acids. It is one of the most used elements today due to its great contribution of nutrients, which give a lot of life to the hair; In addition, it is a great ally to fight dandruff.

Why wheat germ is so beneficial for hair care is due to the large amount of vitamins, proteins and minerals it contains, especially zinc. That is why it is an ingredient designed to hydrate the hair in depth, thus solving the problem of dryness and lack of shine.

Benefits of wheat germ oil

Wheat germ oil has many benefits for hair:

  • Growth: Promotes hair growth both in terms of length and volume. This oil contains a large amount of Vitamin B, which stimulates cell growth and tissue formation.
  • Hydration: Wheat germ oil has excellent hair hydration properties.
  • Scalp: The scalp absorbs the vitamin E from the oil and greatly improves its health so that hair grows healthy and strong.

How to apply wheat germ oil? 

This ingredient can be found, both in supermarkets and herbalists. We recommend that you choose one that is ecological since that way you make sure that it does not contain any type of chemical additive.

When applying it, the hair must be damp and clean to repair dryness and dullness.  Therefore, you can wash your hair in the usual way, then wet it again and apply the wheat germ oil. Apply it from the roots to the ends, thoroughly impregnating each area with gentle circular massages.

Unlike other masks, this one doesn’t have to be rinsed off right away. Moreover, you have to leave it for several hours to act, so it is best to apply it on a day that you are going to be at home for several hours. Don’t worry because wearing the mask all that time is not annoying at all; It has a very pleasant smell and it is as if you had put hair gel on it. Then, after five to six hours, rinse with lukewarm water.

The recommended frequency is once a week. You will see how little by little your hair looks much stronger and healthier; ultimately alive.

Therefore, if you want to enjoy fantastic hair health and make your hair grow healthy and strong while moisturizing it and eliminating dryness, we recommend the use of wheat oil.  However, you have to keep in mind that the results of this natural ingredient are not immediate; applying it once a week correctly, within a month or so, you will see how much healthier and shinier your hair is.


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