You don’t know what to eat and you have a stomach ulcer? Gastric or stomach ulcer requires treatment and a change in nutritional habits. Find out which foods are the most recommended.

Did you know that depending on the area where a peptic ulcer appears, it will actually receive different medical names? For example, a peptic ulcer is a lesion that occurs in the most superficial layer of the mucosa that lines the stomach or duodenum (the first portion of the small intestine).

However, we are faced with a gastric ulcer when the ulcer appears specifically in the stomach (hence the name also stomach ulcer). And when the ulcer appears in the duodenum it will receive the medical name of duodenal ulcer.

The stomach ulcer -or gastric ulcer- consists of a deep wound that occurs in an area of ​​the stomach lining. Its cause? The existence of an inflammation that affects the protection of the gastric mucosa against the action of stomach acids. And what causes this inflammation? Many medical specialists today suspect a specific and main cause: an infection, caused mainly by the bacterium Helicobacter pylori.

But it is not the only cause, since it is also known that the consumption of medications or drugs such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) or acetylsalicylic acid, especially for a prolonged period of time, also causes the appearance of gastric ulcers.

Likewise, other equally related causes are suspected, such as a high production of stomach acids, stress or an alteration of stomach movements.

Although in some cases a stomach ulcer can cause more serious or important problems, such as bleeding or a stenosis (obstruction) or perforation,  in most cases it can be controlled and even remit without causing complications.

However, it is essential to avoid at least for a time those drugs that influence the appearance of the ulcer, and to follow the medical treatment prescribed by the specialist (the administration of proton pump inhibitors such as omeprazole that inhibit the production of stomach acids).

But the truth is that the diagnosis of gastric ulcer can lead many people to question what they can eat from then on, what foods they should avoid, and above all, what are the most recommended and appropriate foods and / or drinks.

These are the foods you can eat with gastric ulcer:

Vegetables and fruits:

Vegetables and vegetables can be consumed almost all, especially when they are cooked boiled, it is not advisable to consume them fried or in tempura. On the other hand, a useful option is to go for vegetable purees first, especially at the beginning.

Of course, there are certain vegetables that are not recommended when we have a stomach ulcer. They are foods that cause flatulence, such as cabbage, cabbage, cauliflower, onions or peppers.

In the case of fruits, it is best to eat them baked or boiled, although it is possible to opt for raw fruits that do seem to feel better, such as apple or pear. Citrus fruits are not recommended.


Cereals are also suitable, but this time it will depend on the tolerance that each one has, which means that it is best to try each cereal when you feel like it, and be aware of the digestion that we can go through later.

However, as with other foods, it is best to boil cereals and accompany them with vegetables, avoiding fatty meats or sausages.

Legumes and potatoes:

The same thing that happens with cereals happens with legumes and potatoes. Although it is true that legumes can produce gases, everything will depend on the tolerance that each one has. But always respecting the option of cooking them boiled and accompanied with vegetables.

Fish, meat and eggs:

If you regularly consume foods of animal origin, such as fish or meat, the best option is to opt for lean meat (such as chicken, turkey, pork or rabbit) and white fish (such as hake, cod, sole or turbot), as they contain less fat. In the case of eggs, it is best to eat boiled eggs or in an omelette.

Regarding the way of cooking, it is best to cook boiled or grilled meat and fish, always avoiding fried ones. In addition, it is very important to eliminate as much fat as possible, and avoid the most fibrous part of the meat.

Other nutritional recommendations to consider:

In addition to knowing which foods are most suitable when you have a stomach ulcer, it is also appropriate to know what recommendations to follow to enjoy better health. The most useful and recommended are the following:

  • Avoid foods that are difficult to digest: Such as red and fatty meats, sausages and fried foods in general. Salty snacks and appetizers are also inadvisable.
  • Be careful with the cooking method:  The most advisable thing is to boil the food or cook it steamed or in papillae.
  • Stay away from alcohol:  Alcoholic beverages are harmful in case of stomach ulcer, since it increases pain and damages the stomach, as well as being unsuitable for our health in general.
  • Reduce coffee:  Coffee can also irritate the stomach, and cause more pain. Therefore, it is recommended to reduce or even avoid this widely consumed drink.


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