Before exercising and playing sports, it is useful to know some nutritional guidelines to know what to eat before exercising. And during and after sports practice?

It is true that it always tends to be very common that, when we start practicing sports, we ask ourselves about what to eat after exercising, since it is usually more common to eat after having practiced exercise than before.

However, when we want to practice physical exercise it is not at all advisable to do sports on an empty stomach, since we run the risk of fatigue. Like it is not advisable to eat a lot before starting to play sports.

For this reason, having some guidelines to know what we can eat before doing physical exercise can be of great help, especially if we are going to start practicing physical exercise regularly (which is ultimately what we must do in order to enjoy good health).

What to eat two to three hours before exercising?

It is advisable to eat a mixture of carbohydrates, proteins and fats whose amount is equivalent to about 400 calories on average approximately.

A good option is a fruit and nut bar with a portion of yogurt, or a chickpea puree and French fries.

What to eat an hour or two before exercising?

Carbohydrates should become the essential nutrient of the meal, adding in turn a little protein (since the mixture will be useful to help us feel full, reduce muscle pain and feel energized).

The food in question must be less than 200 calories, and we can have coffee with skim milk and cereals.

What to eat 30 minutes before exercising?

The key is that the food is easy to digest. The best guideline is to opt for only 25 grams of carbohydrates.

A tablespoon of dried figs or raisins, or a small portion of fruit puree are good ideas.

What should we eat during sports practice? Is it necessary and safe to do so?

Despite what may be believed, it is advisable to eat something before exercising, especially because in this way we avoid a possible low blood sugar or having a small faint. As we have already told you.

However, we remember that foods rich in carbohydrates and proteins should be avoided, and not overfilled until we feel that we are “full”. For example, you can have fruits or natural juices, or proteins in the form of cheese or milk. Of course, you must wait an hour until you can exercise.

Of course, during sports the most advisable thing is to maintain correct and adequate hydration.

And what to eat after exercising and sports?

There is no doubt that, once the exercise is finished, it is essential to replace the fluids lost during its practice.

For this, it is essential to drink water, natural juices or isotonic drinks. Likewise, you can also take a piece of fruit (such as banana) or vegetables that provide fiber, minerals and vitamins.

It is also advisable to drink a shake rich in protein, so that it helps the muscles to recover from the wear and tear that, with exercise, they have just suffered.

Consuming a combination of dairy with whole grains and nuts is a good option, in addition to fruits. Not surprisingly, it becomes ideal for breakfast, especially if you practice sports in the morning.

An ideal time to exercise is in the morning. At night it is not recommended, as it activates your metabolism and it may cost you more to fall asleep.


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