Emotion and MindWhat is the Kaizen method?

What is the Kaizen method?

The so-called Kaizen method is a popular Japanese technique that consists of continuous process improvement, a true quality tool that seeks to improve in all aspects.

How many times have we said to ourselves “starting on Monday I start the diet”, “next week I will stop smoking” or “next month I will definitely join the gym”? Unfortunately, sometimes laziness and laziness are stronger than us when making any decision.

However, this has a solution. The Japanese developed what is known as the “Kaizen Method” decades ago, a technique that will help us to give ourselves that initial push that we sometimes so badly need when taking action. This term comes from the Japanese words “Kai” (change) and “Zen” (wisdom) hinting that through changes, we can become people with much more initiative.

Best of all, this method can be applied in any area of ​​our life, even professionally. In fact, thanks to the Kaizen method, the Japanese have become one of the most effective people in their respective jobs.

The rule of the minute

We will start by explaining this method by saying that its execution is very simple. You just need to set yourself a goal, a goal that you can achieve at least once a day.  After this, you just have to put it into practice for a minute.

Not a long time, is it? Starting to read a book, memorizing a phrase in another language, doing push-ups… These are all things that can be done in sixty seconds. And therefore, they will not need much effort on our part when carrying them out.

When you’ve been there for a couple of days, I’m sure that sooner or later that little voice will appear saying “Stop doing that, it’s very lazy! “Breaking a little out of our comfort zone can lead to a multitude of internal duels. However, the sooner we defeat them, the sooner we can get rid of indolence and laziness.

Once you have been with this practice for a month, surely when you do something during that minute, you will feel really good about yourself and surely a great satisfaction runs through all of your

This will give you the strength to face future challenges.

Many Westerners have a preconceived idea that great goals cannot be achieved through small efforts. Through Kaizen we don’t want to tell you that you are going to see results overnight. It is a slow process, which requires a lot of time and effort on your part.

The important thing is to be constant. Not giving up. Don’t let laziness get stronger than us. Otherwise we are committed to failure and we will have no choice but to “start over from scratch.” And you don’t want this do you?

For all these reasons it is very important to start small. With every minute that passes you will become a stronger person. Every sixty seconds that pass you will be closer to your final goal. Thousands of these seconds may have to pass. But we are sure that in the end you will see the results.

From here you just have to set more ambitious goals. All you have to do is convert the minutes into hours. The hours in days. And the days into months. In this way, what you previously saw as impossible will have become a goal that you have achieved for yourself.  Do you know the amount of self-esteem and confidence that all this is going to entail? In short, remember that goals are dreams that have a deadline and it is up to you to complete them on time.


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