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What is an ergonomic baby carrier and its advantages for the baby and parents?

Do you know what an ergonomic baby carrier consists of and why it is so important for the proper development of the baby? We discover what conditions it must meet and what its main advantages are.

Carrying children with you is a custom that has spread since ancient times, mothers carried their babies to fetch drinking water, to work, in difficult environments and especially with extreme temperatures.

Thanks to the fabrics they used to hook their little ones, nowadays they have been modified giving way to scarves or mei-tai among the most traditional passing to the essential ergonomic backpacks for a good carrying.

More and more parents choose to carry their babies and leave the car aside, since the benefits of carrying are varied unlike modern cars designed to take the baby rather away from the contact of their parents.

As we have already mentioned, bringing children in contact with their parents benefits them in a remarkable way, since it not only provides them with warmth and protection, but also the feeling of security after being in the womb.

As for its development, carrying helps the baby to develop both his back and hips properly as long as the position is correct.

Parents can feel and notice at all times how their baby moves and breathes without problems and breastfeed at any time; the babies that are carried as not; they cry less because being in constant contact with their parents makes them feel that they are protected and cared for all the time.

As for the benefits that carrying carry for parents, they are also notable, since it facilitates movement, where a car does not reach, a good baby carrier makes it easier for parents to take their children anywhere.

Even the baby carrier can adapt as the child grows to the side, front and back and thus distribute the weight of the little one so that the adult body does not suffer.

What is an ergonomic baby carrier?

An ergonomic baby carrier is basically one that offers a respectful posture according to the physiology not only of the baby, but also of the mother or father who wears it.

It differs mainly from other more commercial baby carriers in that the baby adopts a much more natural and comfortable position, since his legs do not hang down, his weight does not fall on himself and his back is much better supported.

Conditions that a baby carrier must meet to be ergonomic

If you have decided to carry your little one from birth, you can opt for these carrying models, such as ergonomic backpacks, mei-tai, shoulder bags, scarves or pouches.

As for choosing a good baby carrier, it must be ergonomic, this means that the backpack or carrying model that we choose adequately adapts to the physiognomy of the carrier and of course to that of the baby, seeking comfort and safety.

Today’s ergonomic backpacks must meet a series of conditions and requirements for the baby to be carried in a correct and healthy way:

  • The baby’s legs should form an “M”, or remain forming a frog, the bottom should fall slightly lower than the legs that will be flexed.
  • The baby’s head must have contact with the lower part of the father’s or mother’s face, so that they can have a more intimate and close contact.
  • The backpack must be able to be adjusted according to the body of the wearer, adjust the straps to leave the baby as close to the chest as it can move but without detaching.
  • In no case should an ergonomic baby carrier allow the baby to face the world, the stimulation would be excessive and in no case is it healthy.

Advantages of using an ergonomic baby carrier

There are many advantages that both the baby and the parents offer the regular use of the ergonomic baby carrier. We summarize below which are the most outstanding:

  • The baby adopts a much more natural position, and above all comfortable.
  • His legs do not dangle.
  • His weight does not fall on himself.
  • Your back is better supported.
  • It is beneficial for the development of the hips, legs and back of the baby.
  • It adjusts and adapts to the baby’s body.
  • It allows you to rest better on mom or dad.
  • It completely frees the wearer’s hands.


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