Both gastronomy and Japanese food stand out for being as natural as they are healthy. Discover the 4 fundamental pillars of Japanese cuisine, and how you can add them to your daily diet.

The life expectancy for any Japanese can be perfectly placed around 85 years. With this figure, one wonders how the Japanese can live so long without suffering serious diseases.

Well, one of the basic pillars of its “elixir of maximum youth” is precisely in its gastronomy, which over the last decades has become a kind of example to follow for millions of people around the world.

Would you like what are the foods that help you enjoy a better quality of life? Well, we will tell you about them in great detail so that you do not lose any detail.

White rice.

When one travels to Japan, one realizes why this food is one of the basic pillars on which Japanese gastronomy is sustained.

Almost the entire vast territory of this country is dotted with extensive rice fields that can produce millions of tons in just one year. The stock can become so large that on many occasions the Japanese government is forced to export it to other countries such as China or Vietnam.

And why is it so beneficial for all its inhabitants? Well, because they usually take it directly boiled and without any separate sauce. In this way, it keeps all its properties intact together with starch, a component that keeps all our intestinal irrigation clean.


Undoubtedly another of the most essential foods of this gastronomy that millions of Japanese consume every day. The good thing is that soy can also be found in our supermarkets in the form of sauces that you can add to your meat and fish. Although you have to make sure that they do not have added sugars.

They can also be taken in portions of tofu, thus becoming one of the healthiest garnishes that exist.

And what about its countless benefits. It is an inexhaustible source of antioxidants so if we take soy regularly, we will enjoy a smoother and softer skin despite the passage of time. All of this while at the same time reducing “bad cholesterol” and helping to prevent diabetes.

Grilled vegetables.

Almost any self-respecting Japanese dish will be accompanied by “tempura” which consists of a selection of grilled vegetables that turn out to be the most beneficial for our health and that can be prepared very easily.

Best of all, you can make a selection of this tempura using pickles, cauliflower, pumpkin or zucchini of all kinds. As you well know, all these vegetables are an inexhaustible source of vitamins along with other components such as iron and potassium.

With all these ingredients you can get a really powerful and beneficial mixture for our body. And therefore it is one of the secrets by which the more than 120 million Japanese enjoy a high quality of life.

Green Tea.

The one known as “Uron-cha” in the country of the Rising Sun also helps considerably to enjoy a much healthier and strengthened health despite the passage of time. Many people wonder how Japanese people are always at their ideal weight and take care of their line.

Well, this is due to the large amounts of this green tea that they consume throughout the day. They even take it on an empty stomach to enhance the benefits offered by this drink.

Among them, it is worth highlighting its ability to absorb saturated fats while at the same time acting as a powerful diuretic that will prevent fluid retention. All this not to mention that it helps to satisfy the sensation of appetite at any time of the day.


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