With many qualities, kefir is not a risk-free probiotic drink. It also has certain contraindications that can prevent us from consuming it safely.

The kefir is a wonderful natural drink, which is obtained from the acid fermentation, lactic and alcoholic of individual granules or pellets that also receive the same name, with liquid, main and essentially milk, water or drink vegetable (known also popular although mistakenly as “vegetable milks”).

And, like any other drink or food, it has certain contraindications that must be taken into account, especially if you want to consume it regularly, or even if it is punctually.

Main contraindications of kefir:

An excessive consumption of kefir can cause digestive problems, and even increase and aggravate digestive conditions that we could already be suffering from. For example, it can cause gas or flatulence, abdominal bloating and / or diarrhea. Therefore, its consumption is not recommended if you have a sensitive stomach.

As it contains live bacteria and yeasts that can interfere with the effect of certain medications, the consumption of kefir is not recommended in people who follow a medical treatment based on  immunosuppressants, either because they suffer from some type of autoimmune disease (as occurs with arthritis rheumatoid disease, for example), or because you have undergone a transplant.

It is also advisable to consult your doctor if at any time you have had recurrent yeast infections, since you may have a certain sensitivity to yeast in your body. And we must not forget that kefir, in addition to containing bacteria and other microorganisms, also has live yeasts.

What happens to my body when I start taking probiotics like kefir?

When we begin to consume kefir or any other food or drink with probiotic qualities, it is usually quite common to feel some digestive symptoms and various stomach discomforts, such as abdominal bloating, a feeling of abdominal discomfort, gas and flatulence, which they tend to disappear in just a few days.

However, these symptoms may not go away. If so, it is advisable to consult with your doctor, especially if you also suffer from other more intense discomforts such as severe abdominal pain or abnormal bowel movements.

What else do I have to know about kefir?

It is a natural probiotic, which means that it is a food – on this occasion, more specifically a drink – that contains live bacteria and other microorganisms beneficial to health. These microorganisms, among other very important functions, help to contribute to a better balance of the intestinal flora, which is why they are useful to enhance and strengthen our immune system.

But its qualities do not end here, since they are very beneficial when treating certain conditions and digestive problems, especially episodes of acute diarrhea caused by gastroenteritis or diarrhea associated with the consumption of certain drugs, such as antibiotics.

Consuming probiotics such as kefir is also believed to be very helpful in improving symptoms associated with certain intestinal conditions, such as certain inflammatory bowel diseases (such as Crohn’s disease or irritable bowel syndrome).

Thanks to its qualities to strengthen the immune system, the consumption of kefir is especially recommended when we suffer from some type of infectious disease (such as vaginitis or cystitis), colds or flu.

It is, therefore, and as we see, a natural probiotic not without health risks, although it is true that its qualities and benefits are much more prominent and important. Therefore, unless there is some type of contraindication that prevents its consumption, it is a safe drink as long as it is not consumed in excess, generally well tolerated by most of the people who consume them.

However, if you continue to have doubts or prefer to be safer, before starting to ingest kefir we recommend you consult with your trusted doctor, especially if you suffer from some type of serious illness that may involve the immune system, or follow some type of medical treatment in this regard.


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