BeautyWhat are the causes of dry hair

What are the causes of dry hair

Knowing the causes of dry or parched hair will positively help you find a solution to resolve and treat it. We explain what the main ones are.

One of the most common problems that tend to affect the proper health of the hair, including other equally common disorders such as dandruff, for example, is the existence of dry or parched hair.

This directly influences the fact that the hair tends to break very easily, is certainly difficult to disentangle and in turn presents a total absence of shine or very little shine.

The main reason hair becomes dry is that it is no longer protected by the hair oil that normally covers it, so it tends to become dry, permeable and fine. Without the presence of this covering, the cuticle becomes porous and rough, when in reality it tends to be rather smooth and uniform.

Therefore, the water contained in the hair fiber escapes through the small cracks in the fiber. The result is more than evident: the hair ends up dehydrating, so it becomes dry or parched. But for this point to be reached, there are some causes that influence the appearance of dry hair.

What are the causes that cause the appearance of dry hair?

There are several causes that can influence hair to become dry or parched, which, as we indicated above, does not have enough moisture and the necessary oil to maintain a normal texture and shine.

We can find causes directly related to diseases or health disorders, with hereditary factors or with certain habits.

Heredity matters a lot.

Dry hair can be inherited, although it is true that it is not noticed until almost adulthood, since as we grow, dry hair tends to increase, in the same way that it happens with the skin.

Excessive use of hair straighteners, dryers and very strong soaps

Dry hair can also appear as a result of the use of irons to style the hair, in the same way that the use of dryers to dry the hair and style it negatively influences it.

Washing your hair excessively or using strong soaps are also clear enemies for the health of your hair.

Climatic factors

Certain external factors such as the sun and the wind tend to dry out the hair. The same happens with sea or pool water, for example when we find ourselves in summer and spend the day at the beach, sunbathing and swimming. Dry air (environmental dryness) also has a negative influence.

For this reason, precisely during the summer season, the health of our hair tends to suffer even more, since there are factors and elements that are actually tremendously negative for the hair.

What can we do in this regard? Very simple: always protect our hair with a cap or hat (especially whenever we are in the sun), or under the umbrella, apply a specific protector for our hair and thus protect it from the sun, and always try to use a hat for the pool that you can

On the other hand, it is also advisable to try to quickly hydrate your hair once you get home after spending a few hours sunbathing.

Certain diseases and health problems

When it comes to diseases and health conditions that cause dry hair, we can mention: anorexia nervosa, Menkes kinky hair syndrome, malnutrition, an underactive parathyroid or hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid).


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