Emotion and MindWhat are the best meditation techniques?

What are the best meditation techniques?

Do you want to enjoy the benefits of some meditation techniques but don’t know which one to choose? We will discover which are the most useful and recommended techniques.

Currently, many people are forced to lead a chaotic rhythm of life: work and family conciliation, many hours of work … Thus, in the medium and long term the consequences of this type of routine can be very negative, giving rise to cardiovascular diseases and other types of pathologies.

That is why more and more people are betting on meditation to reduce stress and anxiety;  people both young and old who want to turn their lives around towards happiness. Here are some of the most widely used meditation techniques in the Western world today.

Tai Chi

The tai-chi is currently one of the most sought meditation techniques in the Western world. One of its great advantages is that it can be practiced by people of all ages and with any type of physical condition. The benefits of tai-chi are classified into two broad categories; on the one hand, the control of energy and, on the other hand, the advantages on the physical plane.

According to Chinese philosophy, chi, or vital energy, is an essential element in the general well-being of people. Thus, the main objective is none other than to channel this energy in the appropriate way so that people feel good both about themselves and with others.

The benefits of tai-chi are many and varied, both physically and mentally. On the one hand, practicing this activity considerably reduces stress levels due to the control of breathing. On the other hand, it notably improves flexibility, making it especially beneficial for treating muscle and joint problems. And finally, it helps to take care of the cardiovascular system by controlling blood pressure.


Yoga is currently one of the most practiced activities in the Western world; every day more people love yoga, more than as a mere activity, as a true philosophy of life. Yoga provides both physical and mental expansion that guarantees great well-being.

The benefits of yoga are many. On the physical level, strength increases considerably as the postures tone all parts of the body. In addition, practicing yoga regularly increases energy levels significantly as it improves glandular function, thus providing a great feeling of calm and freshness.

As for the mental plane, yoga favors concentration, memory and attention. In addition, it gives a lot of peace of mind, thus generating an extraordinary state of tranquility. All this without forgetting that it promotes self-esteem and self-recognition.


Reiki is an alternative therapy that is very effective in relieving physical pain. This technique considers the person as a whole, in which the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects flow. Therefore, the goal of reiki is to restore the body’s natural balance.

During a reiki session, the seven chakras are opened to the patient and, through the imposition of hands, the energies are channeled.

The benefits of reiki are many; that is why more and more people are opting for this alternative therapy. First, by balancing energies, you reduce stress and increase well-being. Second, it accelerates the body’s ability to heal itself. Third, it greatly improves the functioning of all cells and organs in the body. And finally, reiki is especially beneficial in the treatment of various pathologies such as migraines, depression and constipation.

Tai-chi, yoga and reiki are especially beneficial for achieving a much more relaxed lifestyle, with significant benefits, both physically and mentally.

All of these techniques originate from the East and are a fantastic option; which of them to choose depends on each person’s own tastes and interests. Ideally, everyone should be encouraged by some of these meditation techniques and practice them regularly; the feeling of physical and mental well-being is noticeable from the first session.


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