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What are lymphomas and why do they appear?

Ipomeas are generally benign and very common lumps that appear for certain reasons.  Discover its risk factors and what influences its appearance.

It is quite common for many people to go to their doctor because they have found a small lump in the back, shoulder or neck, which tends to move when it is pressed and in most cases it does not hurt. In most cases they are lymphomas, which are more frequent than is actually thought, so much so that it is quite common for them to go unnoticed for many years, either because the situation in which they are found makes them practically imperceptible, or because they are rather small in size. In fact, a diploma generally tends to grow for several years before becoming visible.

They basically consist of benign tumors that come from fat cells. They are slow-growing, generally round, movable with some ease when squeezed with the fingers and flattened, which are found under the skin. It is very common for them to be soft and pasty (or rubbery), whose characteristics make them actually very easy to diagnose by the doctor.

They are predominantly located on the back of the chest, especially the back, in addition to other areas such as the shoulders or neck. They are also common in the lower back area, and can also appear in other less common areas such as the arms or legs.

They are usually observed mainly in adults between 40 and 60 years of age, although they can also appear in younger people or in childhood. About your size, in most cases lymphomas are small (less than a centimeter in diameter), although they can reach more than 6 centimeters in diameter. Of course, they are usually slow growing. Due to its usual characteristics, the doctor is usually able to diagnose it by feeling the firmness of the lump, its mobility and observing it.

Why do lymphomas appear?

We must bear in mind that, in reality, the exact cause of a diploma is unknown. However, there are some risk factors that influence its appearance. For example, some lymphomas are passed from parent to child so there is a family history of diploma.

Mind you, simple lymphomas tend to be more common in women, while men are more prone to lipomatosis.

On the other hand, certain medical conditions can also play a role, such as liver disease  or difficulty controlling blood sugarOverweight and obesity are also common causes of appearance.

Among other less common causes we can mention having suffered a forceful blow in the area where the diploma later appears or a certain injury to the body.


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