Detox diets (also known as detox diets) are diets that help purify our body. But are they effective?There is no doubt that, at least once a year, it is always highly advisable to purify our body, an issue that helps us eliminate toxins that our body has accumulated little by little and therefore does not need.


And it is that not only are there detoxifying diets that are useful to purify and detoxify our body in general, but we can also find an interesting variety of tips to purify certain organs of our body. A clear example is some advice that we have given you in other notes on how to cleanse the liver, how to cleanse the kidneys or how to cleanse the gallbladder, among others.

With regard to diets, we can find the so-called detox diets, one of the diets that has become the most fashionable in recent years, possibly because they have become the latest trend among the famous, as well as what happens with the Duran diet.

But unlike this diet (which many nutritionists have already warned about its side effects, by increasing the risk of the person suffering from ketosis), detox diets help us purify our body while purifying our body and mind. But, be careful, since we must be careful when following them.

What are detox diets?

As its name suggests, detox diets are detoxifying diets that have been nutritionally developed in order to eliminate the different toxins that have accumulated in our body.

These toxins tend to accumulate as a result of poor diet, unbalanced diets, stress or anxiety, and pollution.

What are detox diets?

This type of diet is based on following a vegetarian diet, promoting the consumption of fruits and vegetables, a high consumption of liquids (especially water, infusion, tea and natural juices), and a periodic fast.

Therefore, the consumption of products such as dairy or cereals is prohibited, and obviously any food that has an animal origin.

This means that, when the diet is followed for a long time, certain side effects appear in the person as a consequence of the nutritional deficits that tend to occur.

Side effects of the detox diet:

  • Tiredness.
  • Headache.
  • Bad breath.
  • Irritability.

As we can see, the side effects are greater, although one of the most important is the possible nutritional imbalance that occurs.

Therefore, we are faced with a diet that should only be followed for a day or two, but never followed for a long time.


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