Carbohydrates (or carbohydrates) are fundamental nutrients with important functions in our body, becoming the main source of energy.

The carbohydrates are one of the most basic sources of energy in the world. They are composed of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and tend to adhere to the walls of plant cells, thus ensuring that all energy is stored much more effectively.

In nature, it has become an essential constituent for living things (including for humans). Hence, it seems very important to introduce them in our dishes to have a healthy and balanced diet.

The main functions of carbohydrates:

It is one of the best satiating that exists.

The truth is that it is an aspect that many people do not know, but that should not be overlooked. Carbohydrates are one of the best satiates that we can find in any food and therefore can be a great ally when it comes to losing weight.

Obviously it depends a little on what we take and therefore we must stay a little away from those carbohydrates found in fast food or industrial pastries.

However, there are other more natural ones that are for example in rice or pasta and that on top of it will help to satisfy us, hence it is recommended at any lunch.

Prevent constipation.

With all the stress and anxiety that we suffer every day, it is more and more normal for our intestinal health to suffer in the form of constipation and diarrhea. And you? Have you suffered from some of these conditions lately?

Well, carbohydrates are also going to help you considerably to get rid of these digestive problems if you start consuming them a couple of times a week. Although we recommend that you take it on whole wheat bread since its high fiber content will also help you to go to the bathroom more regularly.

They help reduce cholesterol levels.

The enzymes that can be found in carbohydrates are also great allies when it comes to fighting “bad” cholesterol. It is very normal for people of a certain age to suffer from this disease that unfortunately appears at a younger age.

However, we tell you that if you consume carbohydrates in a moderate way, you can significantly reduce blood cholesterol levels, something that can later prevent all kinds of cardiovascular diseases.

Protects and prevents colon cancer.

Without a doubt one of the great advantages that carbohydrates have and that many people overlook. As with bad cholesterol, these enzymes will also significantly reduce the chances of colon cancer because it helps to replace all the cells and beneficial bacteria that usually form in the cavities of the intestine.

An essential supplement for athletes.

Any self-respecting athlete should introduce a good amount of carbohydrates into their diet (although they must also be accompanied by other nutrients).

And, as we have well explained at the beginning of this article, carbohydrates are one of the most powerful sources of energy that exist. Hence, it is recommended to take them before doing any exercise. Try it and you will see how you feel like “eating the world” and running for long kilometers.


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