Emotion and MindWhat an emotionally dependent person is like: 5 clear traits

What an emotionally dependent person is like: 5 clear traits

What are the characteristics and traits of emotional dependents? They are people who put their relationship above everything else, turning into an unhealthy attachment. Find out what they are like.

There are people who definitely do not know how to be alone. They base their happiness on being always accompanied by others who reaffirm their values ​​as a person in order to feel better about themselves. It goes without saying that we are social beings by nature and therefore it is very normal that we like to spend our free time with our closest friends and family.

However, you also have to take time for yourself. To be alone and get to know each other better. To investigate the deepest aspects of our personality in order to love and accept ourselves as we are. No one is going to know us better than ourselves. Hence, it is very important sometimes to enjoy our moments of “loneliness” in order to achieve happiness on our own.

Although as we have said, throughout our lives we will find emotionally very dependent people that we will describe through their five main features.

PROPI lack initiative to

Anyone with a high emotional dependence will lack self-initiative. She has the belief that her actions and decisions are meaningless and that is why she always expects others to act for her.

In this way, they reaffirm their theory that they are not valid to face any adversity that is presented to them in life. Hence, they prefer that others take a priority part in their decisions, no matter how small.

They have no self esteem

The happiness of emotionally dependent people rests solely with others. They do not have the instruments or tools to achieve it by themselves.

This is the reason why they always rely too much on others and on the opinion they pour on themselves. They also systematically flee from loneliness without realizing that thanks to these many times we can get to know each other better and therefore achieve happiness in a much more complete way.

They never know how to be alone

We emphasize this point again. And the truth is that it is one of those that best defines emotionally dependent people.

Lacking initiative and self-esteem, they always have the urgent need to meet with their friends or family so that they are the ones who make plans to go out, help them make decisions or even flatter and entertain them to make them feel better. Likewise, not being able to enjoy time to themselves, they lack hobbies and hobbies of their own.

They idealize love

Love and emotional dependence are two terms that are closely linked. People of this type tend to idealize the feelings they have towards a person they have just met. They think that they are a perfect being who knows how to make them feel really good at any moment.

However, the issue comes when the relationship is broken by any circumstance. And it is that by having that person completely idealized, they think that they will not find anyone better, plunging into a situation of extreme sadness and disappointment.

They abuse the goodwill of others

Emotionally dependent people have no problem abusing the good intentions and will of everyone around them.

They tend to be very persistent in achieving their goals at the expense of others. And it is that lacking initiative, it is very difficult for them to achieve any goal that they set for themselves.

This is the reason why they are always “behind others” asking for their help, hiding for it in a false victimhood that they know will work really well when it comes to dissuading anyone who is close.


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