You are in the eighth week of pregnancy, and believe it or not, you are already at the end of the second month. Surprising, right? Find out what happens in your body and baby this week.

Eighth week of pregnancy. The most important:

You are in the eighth week of pregnancy. It is the last week of the second month of pregnancy, which has possibly flown by between the excitement of the first moments, the sensation of the first symptoms, and the beginning of a new world (wonderful, without a doubt).

Week 8 of pregnancy (Week 6 of pregnancy).

During this week the heart of the future baby continues to beat very fast, and you will be able to hear it on the ultrasound if you do it this week.

Ginger can be very helpful in relieving nausea. You can also have an infusion before getting up in the morning, and accompany it with a biscote or integral sponge cake.

Have you already had the first consultation with your gynecologist? If so, it is likely that this week you will have the first appointment with your midwife (or midwife). He will ask you many questions, but you will also be able to solve all the doubts you have.

We are in the eighth week of pregnancy, and specifically, practically at the end of the second month of pregnancy. How fast has time gone by? You probably feel some lag and that everything is also going very fast. Especially if you say that it has been 2 months (2 months!) Since you got pregnant.

Although it is true that, indeed, everything goes quite fast, it is also because in reality 15 days less of gestation have passed. That is, even if you are in week 8 of pregnancy, your little baby is in week 6 of gestation.

This is due, as we have already explained to you from time to time, to the date that is taken to start counting the weeks of pregnancy. And with good reason, since although it often tends to cause confusion, it is practically impossible to know when the baby was conceived, so the date of departure is taken as the first day of your last menstruation.

The baby’s development during the eighth week of pregnancy

If during the past week the baby was around 12 millimeters long, and could even reach 15 millimeters at the end of the week (that is, 1.5 centimeters), during this week it tends to  measure between 13 to 18 millimeters  ( that is, between 1.3 to 1.8 centimeters).  Undeniably surprising growth, don’t you think? It could even be said that it grows at the speed of light, since in a short time it will reach 2 centimeters and will be perfectly visible on ultrasound.

It is the size of a small grape, and as we have been telling you, during this second month of pregnancy there have been important changes in the development of the embryo. For example, many of your organs have formed, which have already begun to function, while others – as well as your primitive systems – will begin to develop throughout the pregnancy.

Your heart beats more regularly, compared to the first few weeks, but for now it continues to do so very quickly: between 140 to 150 beats per minute. If we take into account that the normal heartbeat of an adult varies between 60 to 100 beats per minute, we find that it is practically double. But you should not worry: it is something absolutely and totally normal, which will decrease and regulate itself over the months.

It is already starting to make some spontaneous movements, but it is still so small that you cannot feel it yet. For example, it begins to shake what in the future will be its limbs and also its small trunk.

And, for another week, both his nose and his lips, eyelids and legs continue to acquire the shape they will have in the not too distant future.

Changes in a woman during the eighth week of pregnancy

One more week it is quite possible that the symptoms of pregnancy will become more evident. During the end of the second month, as you may have already seen, discomforts such as morning sickness, chest sensitivity and feeling more tired and sleepy become more evident.

It is also possible that during these last week’s your appetite increases, and that even clothes can tighten you a bit, especially in the area around the belly.

To alleviate all these discomforts, we recommend the following basic tips:

  • If you have nausea, the infusion made with ginger taken in the morning before getting up is very helpful. Especially if you accompany it with a whole wheat biscote (it is better to be whole because during the first weeks it is common for constipation to appear).
  • If you feel discomfort and sensitivity in the chest, it is best to use a slightly larger bra or bra, which is more comfortable for you.
  • If your clothes start to tighten a bit, although it is true that it may still be something soon, you can start wearing clothes that are a little more comfortable. For example, pants that are less tight and with elastic.

Another ideal way to relieve the discomfort related to nausea, and especially heartburn and heavy digestion, is to eat several times a day and in small amounts, which will help you feel less bloated. Also, don’t forget to eat a varied and healthy diet, including fruits, fresh vegetables, whole grains, well-done and cooked meat and fish, nuts, and healthier oils (such as olive oil).


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