Nutrition and DietWe are what we eat: benefits of following a good diet

We are what we eat: benefits of following a good diet

What are the benefits of following a healthy diet, and what qualities does a natural diet give us? We also discover why we are what we eat.

The diet that we follow every day there is no doubt that it is one of the key pieces when it comes to taking care of our health, since it will tend to condition whether or not we can generally enjoy good health.

For this reason, the number of medical specialists in both nutrition and dietetics tends to be more and more, who tend to implant in people a clarifying concept about the importance of eating healthy: we are what we eat.

Or, what is the same, the importance of eating well so as not to harm our health and be at risk of suffering serious diseases directly or indirectly related to our daily diet and our weight.

Why are we what we eat?

The power allows us not only to obtain energy our bodies need to live properly, it gives us all the nutrients (vitamins, minerals, trace elements …) necessary to maintain good health.

We must not forget that eating daily is a basic necessity for our own life. And it is true that, on many occasions, we tend to easily forget how important it is to eat well, in a healthy and healthy way, opting for foods and drinks rich – for example – in fats or refined sugars that are not beneficial to our health at all.

Why? Mainly because we tend to think that, in reality, following a healthy lifestyle is practicing physical exercise and visiting our doctor regularly, but we forget the most important thing: diet is even more important because it ultimately becomes the basis of our own health.

Therefore, if we follow a healthy diet every day, rich in fruit, vegetables, fresh vegetables, fish, and white meat and nuts, we can prevent the appearance of many cardiovascular diseases (and even more serious ones such as cancer or diabetes). To be in generally very good health.

But if we follow a diet in which we consume junk food (such as hamburgers, hot dogs), abuse precooked foods and eat a lot of sweets, obviously our health will suffer, and we will be at serious risk of many diseases. Therefore, never forget this maxim: we are what we eat.

The benefits of following a good, healthy diet:

Helps us prevent diseases.

Following a natural, healthy and healthy diet helps in a positive way in preventing a wide variety of diseases and conditions, which are in fact directly related to what we eat every day.

And it is that as many nutritionists and doctors’ state, if we followed a healthy diet we could easily prevent chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, heart conditions and even cancer.

In general, a diet based on fresh and natural foods helps to provide essential nutrients to our body, which in turn help to increase the immune system. This is the case, for example, of vegetables, fruits and vegetables.

Helps to have a normal weight.

It is well known that foods with excess calories, fats and sugars have a direct influence on our fat and also on our weight. In this sense, numerous studies have corroborated that those who follow a balanced diet based on healthy and natural foods not only help to lose weight, but also translate into enjoying a normal weight.

It gives us more energy.

Following a healthy diet is ideal for our body to carry out all its daily functions. What’s more, it is essential for our body to have the necessary energy to be able to perform all these functions.

It helps us to be happier.

If a balanced and healthy diet is followed every day, it will help us feel better and be happier, because we know that we are being conscious and responsible with our diet, and that we are ultimately providing our body with all the nutrients that it so badly needs every day.


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