Nutrition and DietVitamins for male fertility

Vitamins for male fertility

Learn which are the best vitamins that help improve fertility in men, discovering in turn the foods richest in these vitamins to improve your fertility naturally.

As we mentioned on a previous occasion in an article in which we knew which are the best foods for man’s fertility, there is no doubt that following a balanced, healthy and as varied diet as possible is always the best option, not only the time to care for and protect health, but it is essential to enhance and strengthen male fertility.

Over the years an interesting variety of scientific studies have reached the same conclusion: the diet that a man follows daily will have a decisive influence on his fertility (that is, both the quality of sperm and the quantity of sperm). ). Thus, if a man consumes foods low in fat and rich in essential nutrients every day, his fertility will be of higher quality than, for example, that of a man who regularly eats foods rich in saturated fat and sugar.

Within this adequate diet for male fertility, there are a series of vitamins that actively participate in it:

Vitamin A

It is a vitamin that protects the cells of the male reproductive system, preventing premature aging. In addition, it is positive in the formation of steroids (which make up progesterone).

Liver 20,000
Cod liver oil 1,800
Carrot 1,345
Margarine 900
Liver pate 840
Butter 828
Fatty cheeses 800
Eggs (chicken) 740
Sweet potato 667
Sweet potato 665
Spinach 542
Cream 500
Watercress 500
Swordfish 500
Mango 478

Vitamin C

It is a vitamin that helps prevent sperm defects, in turn stimulating their good mobility. In addition, we cannot forget its antioxidant action, reducing the negative effects of free radicals.

Camu 2,800
Hip 2,000
Acerola 1,600
Guava 300
Black currant 200
Red pepper 190
Parsley 130
Kiwi 90
Broccoli or broccoli 80
Currant 80
Brussels sprouts 80
Khaki 60
Papaya 60
Strawberry 60
Orange fifty
Lemon 40
Cantaloupe 40
Cauliflower 40
Grapefruit 30
Raspberry 30
Tangerine 30
Spinach 30

Vitamin D

It is a vitamin that taken together with calcium helps to improve fertility in a very positive way.

Cod liver oil 212.5
Herrings 22.4
Salmon 12.5
Evaporated milk 4
Eggs 1.6
Butter 0.8
Liver 0.8
Cheddar cheese 0.3
Whole milk 0.3

Vitamin E

It is a vitamin recognized for its antioxidant qualities. In addition, it improves sperm motility.

Wheat germ oil 178
Sunflower oil 97
Sunflower seeds 74
Almonds 37
Mayonnaise 19
Wheat germ 17
Turkey liver 2.9
Chicken fat 2.7
Butter 1.5
Chicken’s liver 1.4
Eggs 1.3
Cheeses 0.5
Chicken 0.3 – 1
Turkey 0.3
mutton 0.2 – 0.5
Pork 0.2
Veal 0.1 – 0.2
Milk 0.1
Swordfish 500
Mango 478

Beware of taking multivitamin complexes

As stated in his article by Dr. Balmori, it is not at all advisable to take vitamin supplements  or nutritional supplements when the man does not necessarily know if he really needs them, mainly because an excess of vitamins is counterproductive not only for health, but also in the case at hand, for the fertility of man.

For example, high doses of vitamin C are known to cause increased sperm condensation, while high doses of selenium reduce sperm motility.

Obviously, when a varied and balanced diet is followed, we provide our body with most of the essential nutrients necessary, so it would not be advisable to opt for a multivitamin complex without a specialist doctor having advised it.



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