Lavender oil is a wonderful, violet-colored natural liquid obtained precisely from lavender. Discover its properties and what it is for.

A smell of new and a sensation of colors. Lavender oil, a plant native to various parts of the Mediterranean, often has various uses, from home fragrance to uses on the skin to look brighter and younger.

Its characteristic purple color makes it special because it is one of the most used pure and natural oils, both in the world of aesthetics, cosmetics and in spas and in treatments to revive the mind, used in aromatherapy.

It is nothing new to say that lavender oil was used centuries ago in certain therapeutic and beauty treatments, now it has been perfected to provide many benefits to the body.

The amazing benefits and uses of lavender oil

Perfect skin with lavender oil

One of the actions that lavender oil exerts on the skin is its softness, making it look smoother and younger, which is why it is chosen by cosmetic firms for the main beauty routines. Some compare it to rosehip oil for its properties and aroma.

It is in various treatments because it prevents wrinkles and helps reduce those signs that are seen by the passage of time on the skin. Its regenerative capacity is enormous, being also important to activate the cellular tissue. Lavender oil has more properties, such as its hydration.

Beauty in the hair

Lavender oil is an ally for beauty. The skin regenerates but so does the scalp. The most damaged and punished hair can be tamed and used to care for the hair. There are many shampoos and conditioners with lavender oil on the market. In any case, we can also apply a little essential oil to the hair once the usual shampoo has been rinsed off.

Peace, well-being and tranquility

Lavender oil is calming. Its aroma already brings peace, and in addition, it has properties that offer a great feeling of relaxation. It is used in massages and spa treatments, to provide anti-stress vitality.

The oil also helps to sleep, as it is recommended in states of anxiety and when we need to rest, especially for people who have suffered from insomnia for long periods of time.

Other properties and uses

On the skin, it not only makes it more beautiful. Lavender oil has calming and anti-inflammatory effects on it, making it perfect for treating burns and inflammation.

In massages it is used, in addition to calming, also to eliminate muscle pain, as it is recommended for muscle tension.

It is requested by those people who do more sports and move, but also those who need immediate relief from lumbago or have rheumatism problems.

Essential oils are usually good in general to put an end to these muscular pains, but lavender oil is special against such effects due to its therapeutic properties. Another of its uses is that, on the skin, it acts as a repellent against insects and mosquitoes. While if you apply a little oil on the bite it relieves pain and itching.

In the face of certain headaches, this oil can also help us feel better. A special neck or forehead massage can be done to relieve tension and this greatly relieves headaches and migraines.

In the cosmetic field, essential lavender oil perfumes provide a truly special scent, and is used to create perfumes and colognes. At home, we can make homemade and artisan perfumes with a few simple drops of essential oil.

A total improvement of breathing

Lavender oil helps treat certain illnesses that are related to colds. It is taken to improve breathing and when we have the flu, nasal congestion or asthma, positioning itself as one of the most requested natural remedies for this purpose. This is thanks to its antispasmodic properties.


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