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Useful tips to prevent pharyngitis

Pharyngitis is one of the most common infections. Knowing how to prevent it is essential when it comes to not contracting it, and above all to avoid spreading it to people close to you.

Pharyngitis is one of the most frequent respiratory tract conditions and generates the most consultations in health centers. Although we can associate them to a greater degree with the autumn or winter seasons, pharyngitis can occur at any time of the year. That is why we must be attentive to how to prevent this disease.

To do this, we will tell you in this article what the advice of medical specialists is to avoid pharyngitis and, of course, what it is and what its symptoms are.

Something to keep in mind is that effective prevention requires us to develop certain care habits and – since pharyngitis occurs very frequently in children – teach these habits to our children so that they can be healthier.

What is pharyngitis?

Whenever we find that the name of a disease ends in “its” it means that it is an inflammation, in this case of the pharynx. That is, pharyngitis is the inflammation or swelling of the pharynx (or throat), mainly caused by a viral or bacterial infection.

The pharynx connects the mouth with the trachea and the esophagus; therefore it is one of the components of our respiratory system, as well as the digestive system. It also plays a role in the immune system, since the tonsils are located there. It is also essential for phonation (sound emission).

As we mentioned at the beginning of this note, it is characterized by being one of the most common and common diseases in the throat area.

Causes and symptoms of pharyngitis

Pharyngitis can be caused by infectious processes of both viral and bacterial origin. It must be said that the pharynx is often irritated by certain agents such as tobacco, alcohol or the intake of very hot food and drinks, which can predispose to the development of pharyngitis.

Among the most common symptoms is a sore throat, which can be accompanied by difficulties or discomfort when swallowing food. It is usually accompanied by a moderate fever. Catarrh may also appear.

Tips to prevent pharyngitis

Since pharyngitis is caused by an infection, the best way to avoid it is to implement certain hygiene and personal care standards that can help us reduce the possibility of getting it, not only from this one but also from other diseases.

Maintain proper hand hygiene

An extremely important habit is hand washing, which should be done after going to the bathroom, when you cough or sneeze, and before eating food. It is also important that everyone in the house has an office, etc. Let’s have the same care in order to reduce the risks of contagion. If you cannot wash, always have hand sanitizer such as alcohol gel or disinfectant wipes.

There are certain elements that can potentially be major contagion agents because of the way they are used. Among them we must mention telephones, remote controls and keyboards. In these cases we must regularly clean them with disinfectant; the same should be done if it is a hotel room. In case of using public telephones, avoid resting our mouth or face on them.

Clean kitchen utensils well

The other elements that we must keep in mind to avoid contagion are all those that we use to feed ourselves, since they have direct contact with our mouth. Glasses, cutlery, straws or food itself should not be shared or – in the case of kitchen utensils – wash them well before use.

If someone is sick we will try to limit contact and increase the precautions mentioned above.

Other tips to keep in mind:

  • Always use disposable tissues.
  • Do not smoke (this will have a very positive impact on your health) and avoid smoke from smokers.
  • Use a humidifier, especially if the environment in the house is very dry.
  • Protect yourself with masks to avoid inhaling dust or chemical products when cleaning or repairing at home.


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