Lose WeightUseful alternatives to sugar for weight loss diets

Useful alternatives to sugar for weight loss diets

These are the best options as sweetening alternatives to sugar, interesting to lose weight due to their low calorie and fat content.

Although sugar (especially white sugar) becomes one of the most palatable sweeteners that exist, the truth is that it is one of the most caloric sweetener options that exist, so that it is an option not only not recommended in weight loss diets but even for health in general.

In fact, it is a sweetener rich only in empty calories, which are characterized by obviously containing a high caloric content, but nevertheless they do not provide any nutrients to our body.

Although it is true that if you are following a weight loss diet, the best thing to do is to opt for low calorie sweeteners, it is also possible to find good alternatives to sugar, which can also help in the weight loss process that we have started with diet monitoring.

Useful alternatives to sugar for weight loss

Whole sugar

It becomes one of the most chosen options by many of our readers. It provides vitamins, minerals and organic acids that are extremely beneficial for health. Of course, taking into account that it also provides calories, it tends to affect insulin secretion.

When buying it, we must make sure that it is indeed whole cane sugar, since currently it is easy to find options that are actually dyed white sugar.

The best? Opt for panela, which is a 100% natural organic product that stands out for being pure whole cane sugar.

Another delicious sweetener:  Panela, benefits and properties of the best natural sweetener


The honey is another option with very important health benefits because it is rich in essential nutrients for our body as well as protect against infectious diseases.

However, due to its high fructose content, its consumption is not recommended in diabetic people. For this reason, even more so if we follow a weight loss diet, the most appropriate thing is not to exceed its consumption, limiting ourselves to only one tablespoon of honey a day.

Cane molasses

The molasses is characterized by a dense liquid which is obtained directly pressing sugar cane juice and cooking, with the aim of reducing its water content. Unlike white sugar, it contains vitamins and minerals. In short, all those nutrients that have been able to resist heat.

Regarding its nutritional content, it stands out for its high iron content, so that two teaspoons of cane molasses provides around 15% of the recommended daily value. It also provides calcium, potassium, copper, magnesium, selenium, and vitamin B6.

Agave syrup

It is an agave syrup, it is a very special syrup and something curious, since it is obtained from the cactus. It is characterized by being tremendously rich in fructose, so its sweetening power is vastly greater than that of sugar.

Of course, it is well tolerated in diabetic people, since its glycemic index is very low.  Therefore, it is another suitable option in weight loss diets.


It is one of the best known options within sweeteners. The saccharin (E-954) became one of the first sugar substitutes, and after spending many years still remains.

It has a sweetening power up to three hundred times higher than sugar, although few people choose to consume it due to its chemical flavor.


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