Emotion and MindUnrequited love: how to get over it

Unrequited love: how to get over it

How to deal with unrequited love and how can we overcome it? Discover some useful tips and tips to help you overcome it easily.

Unrequited love is always complicated, whether you are the one who feels love for a person who does not want anything with you, or if it is someone else who loves you and, in this case, you only see him as a friendship.

The truth is that all people are attracted to other people, but this is not always mutual. It must be emphasized that the attraction does not have to be physical, it can occur in many other ways: intellectual, emotional, sentimental…

Unrequited love simply has to be accepted and progressed along the path of life without falling into feelings of sadness and anger; just think that this person is not for you, but that you will surely find one who is. And, above all, remember that it is very important to express your feelings clearly.

He or she loves you, but you don’t love that person

Love is not a conscious feeling: If someone knows that you are in love with him or her, but that person is not in love with you, do not take it personally.

Think that maybe that person is doing everything possible to love you in the same way that you love him, but do not get that feeling to surface. Keep in mind that love is not a rational feeling; the love that one person feels for another simply arises, or it does not.

Distance yourself from that person: If you are madly in love with a man or woman and your love is not reciprocated, surely you want to be in permanent contact with him or her to see if little by little those feelings of love are emerging in your heart.

This is but a great mistake; the best thing is to get away from that person for a while. Do not call or text him, or frequent places he usually goes.

Enjoy life: Being able to face an unrequited love is something very similar to assuming a love breakup, with the difference that you feel that you have lost something that you have never had. You must enjoy life without depending on that person. Think about your hobbies and turn to them in the company of your friends; for example, if you are passionate about the sun and the beach, you can propose a weekend getaway.

Someone else loves you, but you don’t love them

Love cannot be forced: For a person to declare his love for you and for you to be unable to feel anything else for him or her beyond friendship, it is a situation at least complicated and uncomfortable. However, there is nothing worse than forcing that relationship and letting yourself be carried away by feelings of sorrow and solidarity.

The best advice is to be clear from the beginning, but in the long run, it will be worse.  Therefore, if a person confesses that they are madly in love with you, and the feeling is not reciprocated, you should be brave and let them know.

Be firm in the decision: When you confess to the other person that you do not have any kind of feeling of love for them, you must be firm in the decision.

If you are 100% sure that you do not want a relationship with that person, neither now nor in the future, phrases like “Maybe now is not our time. But in the future who knows” to make him feel better. With an “I’m sorry but my feelings for you are not the same and I don’t think they will change in the future”; at the moment the other person will feel sad and depressed, but it will be better.

Keep as little contact as possible: If you attract the other person as more than a friend and, even though you have made it very clear to him what your feelings are for him or her, he is not able to put the attraction aside, the best thing is to give a break to friendship. If that person continues to pressure you to have a romantic relationship when you have already made it very clear that you do not want anything with them, you should take action.


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