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Tips to prevent osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a progressive decrease in bone mass that causes them to fracture more easily. Learn how to easily prevent its appearance by following a more active lifestyle and some more tips.

Osteoporosis is a progressive decrease in bone mass, which makes our bones tend to become somewhat more fragile and prone to fractures. But there are a number of tips that can help prevent its appearance.

As we have already discussed on several occasions, minerals such as phosphorus or  calcium help to give strength and density to bones.

But throughout life, bone goes through a continuous process of loss and regeneration, which is called “bone remodeling.”

Osteoporosis commonly affects women after menopause, when they lose the protective effect of estrogen itself. But it also affects men.

Precisely because of this issue, various types of osteoporosis have been identified:  postmenopausal osteoporosis and senile osteoporosis (which occurs in old age).

However, there are some guidelines and tips that can help prevent osteoporosis, thus avoiding its appearance.

Useful tips to prevent osteoporosis

Among those tips that help us prevent the onset of osteoporosis, we find the following guidelines:

  • Get daily exercise, such as walking, jogging or, for example, climbing stairs. Lifting weights and practicing yoga can also be extremely beneficial.
  • As we know, calcium is one of the most important minerals. You should take between 1,000 to 1,300 milligrams of calcium a day. Precisely for this reason, a diet that includes enough calcium should be followed.
  • Tobacco negatively affects the body, and among these issues, especially the bones.

As you can see, there are some simple tips that can help us prevent the onset of osteoporosis. In addition, we propose some more tricks below, just as useful.

Practice yoga

Did you know that yoga helps prevent osteoporosis? This is so, because -as we well know- yoga keeps the skeleton strong and healthy, since through the asana joints and spine rotations are carried out, while helping to strengthen the muscles.

Main benefits of yoga for health and how to do it at home:

Yoga also increases bone density through certain postures, mainly those in which you have to support your body weight, something that is not done exclusively with the legs, but is carried out with the arms and the upper part of the body. Bodyit.

In turn, it balances the production of estrogen, calcium, progesterone and adrenaline levels, something that helps maintain bone density, especially in menopause.

Did you know that ice cream can help?

Like dairy products, ice cream stands out for having more or less high calcium content.  An appetizing option when we find ourselves in summer and the heat tightens.

Obviously not just any ice cream will do, since ice cream does not contain calcium.  However, cream ice creams do, although in this sense it is best to opt for a good milk ice cream. This is because milk ice creams provide about 150 mg. of calcium per 100 g. of product. This represents 20% of the daily intake that we need of this mineral.

In case the calories in ice cream are an inconvenience to you but you are passionate about ice cream, try to always choose them low in fat.

A good option, for example, is to opt for the 0% varieties (recommended for diabetics, as long as their consumption is moderate), or opt for ice cream, although it is true that its calcium content is extremely low.

Natural supplements useful in the prevention of osteoporosis

It is also recommended and appropriate to take natural supplements against osteoporosis that help positively. We expose the most appropriate and, above all, which tend to be the most common:

  • Calcium supplements: They are the most suitable to help the body to achieve a correct supply of calcium. In fact, supplements of this mineral are suitable for bone calcification.
    They are taken in the form of capsules, and the usual dosage is set at 1200 mgs.
  • Vitamin D supplements: In addition to knowing which foods are rich in vitamin D, it is also appropriate to take vitamin D supplements. In this sense, they are useful for allowing calcium absorption.
    They are taken in the form of capsules, and the usual dose is set at 500 mgs.  (Distributed in two shots a day).
  • Vitamin C supplements: In addition to knowing which the best foods rich in vitamin C are, it is also useful to take supplements of this vitamin. In this sense, vitamin C prevents the oxidation of bone cells, while helping to strengthen tendons and muscles.
    The usual doses are 2000 mg, divided into two daily doses.


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