BeautyTips to avoid frizzy hair

Tips to avoid frizzy hair

Does your hair get frizzy easily and you don’t know how to avoid it? We offer you some simple tips that will be very useful to prevent it.

Smooth and polished manes are due to special care that makes the hair stay shiny and loose, without weighing it down or frizzing. There are various remedies and actions that we can take into account when saying goodbye to frizzy hair.

Some go through choosing a good shampoo, performing a special treatment or providing the hair with natural remedies. The causes of frizzy hair are several: from humidity, changes in temperature, not caring for or moisturizing the hair or the continued use of dryers and straighteners.

Useful tips to prevent frizzy hair

Hydration treatments

Specialists in hair treatments recommend maximum hydration and nutrition to repair dry hair that has a tendency to frizz.

Conditioners, masks and special shampoos for this type of hair become perfect allies for anti-frizz treatments. To do this, it is normal to use serums that give shine and eliminate moisture to show off movie hair.

Keratin, hand of saint

Faced with frizzy hair, keratin treatment is one of the latest techniques to nourish it and provide a smooth effect even if it rains or is windy. Keratin is anti-humidity and provides the nutrition that voluminous hair needs, as it seals and repairs the hair cuticle for a long time.

Argan oil

Among the natural remedies to nourish hair, Argan oil is good, which is used in beauty to offer many benefits to the skin. The best thing is that they provide a large amount of vitamin E, with which the hair is strengthened and softer than ever.

Apple vinegar

For a home remedy for frizzy hair, apple cider vinegar is perfect. It softens the hair to a great extent, and it is better to apply it after the hair has already been washed with the necessary shampoo, and then the conditioner. It is removed with warm water. Results are instantly visible for smoother hair.


Honey can be mixed with essential oils, water or with the same shampoo. Once we have washed the hair, it is time to apply the mixture with honey that will serve as a natural moisturizer and conditioner.

Olive oil

It is one of the most used home remedies in different cases. When the hair is too dry, olive oil can be used several times in the washes and it will be applied especially to the ends, since the upper part can be somewhat greasy. The hair can be tamed, it will be brushed and untangled easily and it will shine with its own light.

Air dry hair

To avoid frizz, it is better not to blow-dry your hair. Especially if it is summer, because that is when it can appear drier and spoil. In cold weather, we can use the dryer to a lesser extent.

Wide tooth brushes

There are brushes that spoil the hair. They are the metal ones and others that curl the hair in a great way. Wooden brushes are better for untangling the hair so that it ends up smoother and softer.

Aloe vera

This plant has become an example to heal damaged skin and hair. The plant can be purchased naturally to extract the pulp and mix it with olive oil. It will be an ideal mask to moisturize the hair. In any case, it is not necessary to purchase the natural plant directly, as there are currently many products and shampoos that contain aloe vera as an ingredient that we can have more on hand.

Combing one way or another

There are hairstyles that favor frizz and others that don’t. Shoulder-length haircuts or something shorter can cause a frizz effect, however, if we make a somewhat staggered cut, it has a better chance of becoming smoother. The typical ponytail is a type of hairstyle that allows the hair to not look frizzy.


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