The smooth belly is one of those goals that many people set for themselves, especially when summer arrives. Discover 3 useful exercises to finally achieve it.

Now that the summer holidays have just ended, surely many of you have the urgent need to get back in shape. The truth is that we understand you perfectly. It has been a few months with all kinds of excesses accompanied by a sedentary life where the only stretch you have done when you get up has been to go to the beach and return home.

Nor should you feel very guilty about it. The holidays are also a time to disconnect from all our problems in order to return to the September routine with well-charged batteries.

But of course, this also means that we neglect our line and those extra calories are stored directly in the abdominal area of ​​our body that can give rise to that unsightly tummy.

To say goodbye in a definitive way, it is best to eat a healthy and balanced diet in all kinds of nutrients. Even a nutritionist can help us in this difficult process with a diet that perfectly suits our needs. To all this, we can perform a series of exercises directly at home and that are very simple to carry out.

Although first of all, we will emphasize again that they should be accompanied by a diet adjusted to us. This is because this type of fat is found in the lower layers of our abdomen and therefore it is difficult to burn it doing only sit-ups.

For all these reasons, we also recommend accompanying these exercises with another aerobic activity such as jogging, swimming or spinning.

First exercise: crunch crunches

We’ll start this exercise list with the crunch abs. It is a really simple activity to do.

You will only need a small mat that you can spread in your living room so that you have enough space. Then you just have to perform the following steps:

  1. We lie on our back with our hands clasped over our heads. We will also have to bend our knees.
  2. We contract the abdomen. Then you will have to bring the right elbow towards the left knee.
  3. We do the same but with the opposite side.
  4. We release all the air little by little.
  5. We will repeat the process for twenty times in three different series. In each one you will have to rest for at least one minute.

Second exercise: abdominal planks

In this second exercise, you are also going to practice your resistance. You will also need a mat with enough space to carry out this activity without any accident. Let’s see what this second exercise consists of:

  1. We lie face down and we only raise the trunk to support the tips of the feet and our elbows.
  2. The shoulders have to be relaxed and the head a little upright looking straight ahead.
  3. We put our belly in until we feel a strong pressure in the abdominal area.
  4. We hold the posture for about 45 seconds.
  5. We will repeat this process for three sets with one minute breaks.
  6. If we want to add more difficulty, we can extend one leg without supporting it or lean on one elbow.

Third exercise: sit-ups with leg raises

We close this article with another abdominal exercise that is the easiest to perform. It will also be necessary to lie down on a mat so as not to suffer back injuries.

Have you already done it? Well now pay close attention to the following:

  1. We lay our whole body on the mat as if we were sleeping on our back.
  2. We put our hands just below our buttocks.
  3. We raise our legs straight until they point to the ceiling. It is also important to lock your knees.
  4. We will lower the limbs slowly while pressing the abdominals to finally release the air.

We repeat this process twenty times in a row in three sets with a one minute rest in between.


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