The OCU publishes a report in which they analyze the quality of 20 packaged hamburger brands that are currently sold in supermarkets.

After the news that jumped to the media just a few weeks ago as a result of the existence of horse meat in beef burgers, we have learned of the existence of a report that the OCU (Organization of Consumers and Users) will publish on next Thursday in which they analyze 20 brands of fresh packaged hamburgers that are currently marketed in Spanish supermarkets.

Indicate that only five of these twenty brands pass by the minimum (that is, with a passing scrape) the minimum examination of the meat to which they were subjected, in terms of minimum parameters of quality and confidence.

Consumers allegedly misled

After it became known that Eroski is one of the brands that supposedly deceive the consumer with the sale of extra virgin olive oil when in reality it is not (you have more information in our note Olive oil brands that deceive the consumer according to the OCU), it seems that this line of supermarkets is once again in the spotlight.

And it is that according to the OCU itself, Eroski sells under its specialty ‘Eroski Basic’ hamburgers that contain horse meat without warning its customers on the label. The same occurs with the Aliened brand and the products marketed under the ‘Save More’ chain.

Although – and here is a point in Eroski’s favor – the study indicates that its meat is, within the white brands, the best quality.

Taking into account the analyzes carried out, the association has demanded an urgent investigation from the competent administrations, indicating that although we are not facing a food safety problem, we are facing a consumer deception.

Presence of sulfites

Of the 20 hamburgers analyzed, 16 of them contain sulfites, an additive whose main utility is to maintain the original color of the meat while inhibiting the growth of bacteria.

Considering that sulfites are not safe in high amounts, it appears that some of the hamburgers tested contained 90% of the Acceptable Daily Intake (ADI) of sulfites for a child, so you should not consume more sulfites during the same day.

Higher fat content and less protein

Most hamburgers exceed the fat content of a piece of beef, reaching 23 to 25%, an excessive percentage, since according to the OCU, the higher the fat content, the lower the protein content.


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