Silence can be extremely beneficial, especially since it allows us to listen to life and get away from the madding crowd. Find out how to heal yourself without simply saying anything.

Silence is very important to be able to listen to life. Limiting noise from everything around us is important for our physical, mental and emotional health. Getting away from the daily noise, cars, music, television and the telephone means opening ourselves up to relaxation and creativity, it frees us from the dependency of being always connected and alert. But what about our true essence?

We cannot say that today we live more calmly than we did in the past. We worry about creating quieter computers and washing machines but we are not aware of how much the new noise can disturb us: notifications from WhatsApp, Facebook, and email are responsible for poor performance at work and especially in personal relationships. Silence and tranquility have more enemies today than ever.

We forget what life wants to tell us with what is happening to me here and now, what I have left to learn, why this is happening to me at this precious moment and in order to answer these questions our mind must be calm.

But not only in listening to ourselves but in listening to the other. To be able to reach that person, we need to be empty of ourselves so that our thoughts do not interfere. Listening is being present in the other person, which will lead us to ask ourselves: What is he trying to tell me, what is he feeling? When someone is telling us something, many times they are giving us the most valuable thing a person can have: their inner world.

Listening to others also teaches us to listen to ourselves. We can have moments of high emotional tension but we can fight against the precipitation we feel by remembering the Japanese proverb: ” whatever you have to say, say it tomorrow ”. How many times do we not feel interior noise, we have an uneasy mind and we say something that we did not want to have said or not in that way and a relationship of years is broken?

We can empty to fill, when we keep quiet and isolate ourselves from noise, in addition to reducing errors we open a space in our mind to be more creative. We can do it in a simple way, in our daily life, just by closing our eyes for a moment and taking a few deep breaths to recharge the mind with silence.

Ten minutes before going to bed will help us review the events that have arisen throughout the day, even taking just ten minutes to be quiet with ourselves can be a good way to start.

Do you know the negative consequences of noise?

Experts have found that from the physical point of view, the constant sound stimuli from voices, machines and devices harm our body and our mind in two areas:

  • They produce pain: blood pressure increases and at the same time the heart accelerates, so we are more sensitive to suffering from insomnia and headaches from 60 decibels.
  • It produces irritability: a continuous noise, even if it is slight, affects our concentration and makes us more irritable. In addition to losing concentration as a consequence.

Any moment of silence is an opportunity to understand where we are, rethink our life and make decisions.

Just try it… Connect with yourself 3 × 10 ′

The technique that we propose below is extremely simple. How about we try to put it into practice at least once a day? You will notice its incredible benefits in no time:

  • Ten minutes of silence before starting the day.
  • Ten minutes during the day to calm down from the daily rhythm.
  • Ten minutes before bed to review the day and relax.

If you want to go further, here we present you a meditation on silence by Yogi Bhajan, a yogi and spiritual teacher, and Indian businessman.

  1. Just sit up straight in a position that is easy for you.
  2. Place the left hand on top of the chest with the fingers pointing to the right and the thumb extended toward the chin.
  3. Place the palm of your right hand over your left.

Inhale through your nose and exhale little by little and slowly.


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