Nutrition and DietThe incredible benefits of a vegetarian diet

The incredible benefits of a vegetarian diet

Do you know why we should all be vegetarian? We will discover the benefits that a vegetarian diet has for your health, and some useful tips.

Vegetarian food continues to gain adherents with each passing year. It is estimated that only in Spain, around 8% of the total population has finally opted for this type of diet due to the great benefits it offers for health.

As its name suggests, vegetarianism is characterized by eating foods of plant origin only (especially fruits and vegetables) and therefore completely discards animal meat (beef, pork, lamb … etc).

It has been concluded that vegetarianism comes from Ancient India and Greece, two cultures where its philosophers and thinkers already promoted this nutritional practice at that time. However, with the rise of Christianity during the Roman Empire, vegetarianism almost completely disappeared and was in fact banned by some ecclesiastical orders.

Already in the midst of the Renaissance, vegetarian food began to re-emerge and gain adherents. In fact, in the 19th century the first vegetarian societies appeared in the United Kingdom, which were in charge of expanding this gastronomic philosophy throughout Europe and the rest of the world.

What are the benefits of a vegetarian diet?

Surely behind these lines it has become much clearer what vegetarianism consists of.  Therefore, below we are going to talk about all the benefits that this practice can have for your health.

Highly recommended for weight loss

Although this is not one of the main reasons why people switch to vegetarianism, it must be borne in mind that a diet rich exclusively in vegetables, fruits and vegetables will cause us to lose weight in the long run.

This is because most foods have a very low caloric intake. And therefore they are going to get us to take care of our line practically without realizing it.

Prevents diseases such as diabetes or obesity

We are living in times where obesity has become a disease that millions of children already suffer from. Many of them base their diet on unsaturated fats and sugars, a situation that can later lead to more serious diseases such as diabetes, a condition that is becoming more common at younger ages.

However, this will not happen if our diet is purely vegetarian as it can actually prevent some of the above mentioned symptoms.

Very rich in vitamins and minerals

All the foods that define vegetarianism are an undeniable source of vitamins and minerals of all kinds. For example, in fruits such as orange, pear, apple, banana or kiwi we can find vitamins of type A, C and all kinds of elements such as potassium and magnesium that will help us enjoy better mental acuity.

In short, we do not have to tell you that fruits and vegetables are one of the healthiest foods that exist and that we can also have as much as we want without being afraid that we are going to gain weight or neglect our line.

Tips for enjoying a vegetarian diet

We will agree when saying that any vegetarian diet is going to be the most beneficial for the body as we have well explained along the previous lines. However, a series of guidelines must be taken into account:

  • Vary whenever you can. It is understood that by opting for the vegetarian diet we will stop taking certain nutrients that are more present in meats, such as fat and proteins.  For this reason, it is very important to eat the most varied fruits and vegetables to ensure that we also take vitamins and minerals along with other types of nutrients. 
  • Be careful with the kids. There have been cases in which many parents have “imposed” their vegetarian lifestyle also on their children with the most negative effects on their health. You have to remember that they are in full growth age. And therefore they also need calcium and iron (very present in dairy and eggs), two nutrients that are not found in such quantities in fruits and vegetables, but that are needed to grow normally.
  • Consult your doctor. If you have any questions about your vegetarian diet, it is very important that you consult your doctor or trusted nutritionist. Especially if you think you have a special need or are under the symptoms of any eating disorder. These are situations in which you may have more specific needs and with them you may need a richer and more varied diet in all kinds of foods.


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