Breakfast is a fundamental meal, especially for our children. Find out how it should be and what foods you should avoid.

According to many specialists agree, in Spain there is a notorious quite serious trend that has to do with this issue. Since, despite the fact that, in general, we Spaniards follow a  balanced diet, breakfast is one of the worst meals of the day.

But it is essential that our children eat breakfast properly, since starting the day well with a good breakfast helps them to start the study day with strength, and we give them enough energy that they will need later throughout the morning.

This is because our children need an extra energy intake, especially during their physical and intellectual growth: in particular, breakfast should provide between 20 and 25% of daily calories.

It should be noted that, in most cases, the foods that are eaten for breakfast are not eaten later throughout the day (except at night during dinner, in some cases). This is the case of milk or yogurts, so important for the development of children and, especially, the correct intake of calcium.

Not surprisingly, and as has been scientifically proven, the intellectual capacity of those children who do not eat breakfast is not as efficient as that of those who do.

How should breakfast be for children?

The ideal breakfast for our child should contain foods that, in themselves, have most of the nutrients necessary for the child to develop and grow properly.

As you can imagine, a good breakfast should have dairy (either milk, yogurt or cheese), cereals (bread, cookies), fruits or juice, and fats (butter, margarine or olive oil for example).


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